“Behind the Scenes: Miley Cyrus Spills on Tour Life, Confesses to Pre-Show Party and Hookups with Fans”

The popular phrase “what happens on tour stays on tour” didn’t seem to apply to Miley Cyrus during her performance at the Sydney Allphones Arena on Friday night. The 21-year-old singer, known for her controversial stage antics including twerking and provocative dance moves, shared with the packed venue that she has kissed almost everyone who is part of her Bangerz tour. Despite the suggestive behavior, Miley appeared to be having a good time as she entertained the audience with her music and outrageous displays.

Shock tactics: Miley Cyrus performing at Sydney's Allphones Arena on Friday night 

Miley Cyrus put on an electrifying performance at Sydney’s Allphones Arena last Friday, using some shocking tactics to captivate the audience.

Making a boob of herself: The 21-year-old laughed as she wore some pretend breasts during the show

Having a laugh at her own expense, the young woman donned fake breasts during the performance and had a good chuckle.

While performing on stage, the renowned singer declared that she had kissed every person on the tour except for her married drummer. Her performance was quite risqué, as she got cozy with some of her dancers on a massive bed. Miley also revealed to the audience that she had been partying backstage before the show. She even sprayed water over an enthusiastic crowd while admitting to having indulged in some pre-show revelries.

Money: The rich superstar threw pretend American dollar bills around the stage

Cash was flying through the air when the wealthy celebrity tossed counterfeit US dollar bills onto the stage in a playful manner.

Seeing dollar signs: Miley added a gangster element to her performance in a pair of gold dollar sign glasses

Miley Cyrus spiced up her performance by rocking a gangster look with her golden dollar sign glasses. She’s been having a blast in Sydney and even exclaimed, “it has been such a good f*****g time.” As if that wasn’t enough, she wore a penis-shaped headband and playfully shared, “I just keep getting in more and more trouble.” Her stay in Sydney seems to have fueled her wild side as she admitted, “the longer I’m here the more drunk I keep getting and the more tattoos I keep getting.” For those who want to join in on her escapades, Miley challenges, “I hope you guys can keep up with me!”

Going up in smoke: She pulled a number of her trademark facial expressions throughout the gig 

During the performance, she made use of her signature facial expressions multiple times, but it all went up in smoke.

Shocker: The controversial star, who has two Australia tour dates left in Adelaide and Perth, also rode a giant hot dog mid-air

Surprising news: The famous celebrity, who has only two shows left in her tour in Australia’s Adelaide and Perth cities, was seen riding a massive hot dog in mid-air. Recently, Miley was spotted getting unusual tattoos with her companion, Cheyne Thomas, on her fingers. During her performance, the controversial star expressed her love for riding the huge hot dog and disclosed that she would miss it the most after finishing her Bangerz tour. Miley also encouraged the audience to embrace their true selves and ignore anyone who criticizes them otherwise. She ended the night by performing her well-known songs, We Can’t Stop and Wrecking Ball, along with a live version of Party In The USA, which featured mini fireworks.

Party animal: During her wild stage show Miley also told the crowd how she had been partying before coming on stage

Party Lover: While rocking her energetic performance, Miley shared with the audience her pre-show partying experience.

Crude: The singer put on quite a display for the audience

Rewritten: The performer delivered an impressive show to the crowd.

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