Bella Thorne Reveals Her Secret Celebrity Obsessions: Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato

Bella Thorne recently spilled the beans in an interview with Maxim that her heartthrobs include none other than Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato. It’s refreshing to know that even celebrities can have common ground with us mere mortals when it comes to their preferences and desires.

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During her conversation with Maxim, Bella expressed her admiration for Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato, referring to them as “toasty.” It’s easy to see why she is such a fan of them. Bella went on to describe Demi as “fire” and “pretty toasty,” while calling Miley “dope.” What’s interesting about Bella’s response is that it highlights the validity of bisexuality. By mentioning both a male and female celebrity as her crushes, Bella is making a powerful statement about sexual orientation.

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The biSexual community is facing a major challenge of being erased as many people doubt their identity. It is common for people to misconceive biSexuals and think that they are confused and cannot make a decision between two genders. Despite the increasing number of young people identifying themselves as biSexual, this belief still prevails. Consequently, there is a scarcity of biSexual representation in the mainstream media, further strengthening the notion that biSexual individuals are nonexistent. Bella’s nonchalant demeanor towards her sexual preference inadvertently communicates a crucial message that being biSexual is genuine and deserves acceptance.

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Bella casually revealed her sexual preference on Twitter when a fan inquired, without causing any major stir. However, those within her industry were not supportive of her decision. Bella recognized that it can be difficult to publicly acknowledge one’s identity as she has already faced criticism from coworkers. While some studios have not openly condemned her “controversial” personality, they have suggested their disapproval.

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Bella is truly extraordinary for remaining authentic to who she is despite facing opposition from others. This is particularly evident in her approach to relationships, as she currently shares a bond with Tyler Posey and stresses the significance of finding someone who accepts you for who you are. For Bella, a relationship where her partner loves and appreciates every aspect of her personality is highly valuable, and she expresses her love for that concept. Her ability to confidently display her true self without any apologies is admirable and encourages others who may be struggling with similar issues. Through her actions, Bella demonstrates that it is perfectly acceptable to be unique, and that accepting yourself is a journey that we all share.

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