“Bold and Beautiful: Selena Gomez’s NYC Style Statement with Knit Crop Top”

While on her trip to New York City promoting her latest album, Revival, Selena Gomez impressed onlookers with her fashion choices. She donned four distinct outfits that perfectly showcased her unique style and captivating charm. One outfit that stood out was a black and white ensemble that left many people in awe. However, it was her striking attire that consisted of a knitted turtleneck crop top paired with a braless thigh-high slit skirt that truly stole the show. Watch the video below for some amazing fashion inspiration.

Showstopper: Selena Gomez looked phenomenal in a knit crop top while in New York City to promote her new album, Revival on Tuesday

Selena Gomez made a fashion statement during the promotion of her latest album, Revival, as she stepped out in New York City wearing a stunning knitted crop top. Her outfit choice highlighted her natural beauty and left the crowd awestruck with her gorgeous appearance.

Stopping traffic: The starlet brought out major sex appeal on the outfit  that showed off her flat stomach, pairing it with a high slit skirt

The well-known celebrity made headlines when she appeared in an outfit that flaunted her toned abs and exposed legs with a high slit skirt. Her sheer top highlighted her curves as she entered the office building. The stunning brunette completed her look with black mules reminiscent of the 90s and loose waves for her hair. Selena Gomez’s playful makeup included cat-eye eyeliner inspired by the 60s and rosy pink lips. Additionally, she added some sparkle to her nails for the finishing touch. Keep yourself informed about Selena Gomez’s latest updates, photos, and videos by checking her updates regularly.

Fall vibes: The dark haired beauty wore a revealing two piece look that showed a lot of leg

Fall vibes: The dark haired beauty wore a revealing two piece look that showed a lot of leg

As the cool autumn breeze blew past, a stunning woman with beautiful dark hair strutted her stuff in a bold and daring two-piece ensemble that showed off her long legs. It was clear that this outfit was perfectly suited for her upcoming appearance at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, which is set to air on December 8th. This year’s event promises to be an unforgettable spectacle, complete with performances by Rihanna and The Weeknd.

All black everything: The musician kept her look monochrome while out and about in NYC

While on her jaunt to the bustling metropolis of New York, the creative individual opted for an ensemble entirely composed of the color black.

Come   Get It: The songstress appeared to have some important appointments ahead

“Stop by and Get It”: The female singer seemed to have a busy schedule with crucial meetings planned.

Remarkable tone: The singer displayed more of those six-pack abs

The vocalist flaunted an admirable physical appearance, with their toned abdominals standing out as a prominent feature.

Vixen: The former child star's top was see-through, putting her curves on full display as she headed into an office building

Vixen: The former child star's top was see-through, putting her curves on full display as she headed into an office building

With her head held high and an air of confidence, Vixen confidently walked into the office building wearing a see-through top that beautifully highlighted her curves. Despite being a former child star, she owned the look and added her own individual touch to it.

Communication: Selena clutched her cell phone while heading out again

As Selena stepped out, she clutched onto her trusty mobile phone. Her outfit was a relaxed white jumpsuit with fringed features on the neckline and hemline, adorned with shiny gold buttons. To match her all-white ensemble, she slipped on dark heels that almost blended in with the wide-legged pants. She casually rolled up her sleeves and completed her look with a pair of oversized black shades with gold rims. Selena went for a natural makeup look, enhancing her flawless skin while letting her luscious dark brown locks flow down in loose curls, parted to the side.

Comfortable: Selena traded her revealing two-piece ensemble for a cosy black jumpsuit

Selena made a choice to feel more at ease and switched out her revealing swimsuit for a comfy black jumpsuit.

Walk this way: Selena wore the same delicately strapped heels as before

Walk this way: Selena wore the same delicately strapped heels as before

Let’s stroll like Selena: The lovely, delicate strap heels have made a comeback on Selena’s stylish footwear.

Nice hairstyle: Selena's long brown locks shone in the sunlight

Selena’s hairdo was simply stunning. Her gorgeous brown tresses glimmered in the sunshine, presenting an alluring view that captivated the eye.

Got it made in the shade: The Good For You songstress kept her eyes shielded behind chic shades

Taking it easy: The singer who performed the hit song “Good For You” was spotted sporting stylish sunglasses, shielding her eyes from the sun’s glare while enjoying a laid-back lifestyle.

Popular: Selena seemed to embrace the attention from her fans

Selena appeared to be relishing the love and admiration showered upon her by her followers.

White out: The white loose fitting one-piece featured a frayed detailing at the neckline and on the hem, and gold button down the waist to give the ensemble a pop of color

The white jumpsuit had a relaxed, loose-fitting design that set it apart. Its neckline and hemline featured a unique frayed pattern that added character to its look. It was also decorated with golden buttons along the waistline, adding a touch of color and elevating its overall style.

Golden girl: The actress added large black sunglasses with gold rim and kept her makeup to a minimum, showing off her natural beauty

The celebrity donned a gorgeous pair of black sunglasses with gold frames to add a touch of glam to her look. She opted for minimal makeup, letting her natural beauty shine through. While promoting her latest album on a media tour, news broke that she had been diagnosed with lupus and had undergone chemotherapy in the past to manage the condition. During her appearance on the Elvis Duran Z100 Morning show, she talked about her upcoming album release, which was set for October 9th. To change things up, she wore a stunning all-black mesh dress with long sleeves, a high neckline, see-through arms, and a shorter hemline that accentuated her lovely legs.

Strutting in the city: The mesh long-sleeved  black dress had a shorter hemline, showing off the star's gorgeous legs


Strolling through the urban landscape: The famous personality’s eye-catching legs were on full display, thanks to her elegant black dress featuring long mesh sleeves and a daring hemline.

All about the details: The singer's frock had a high neckline and  see-through mesh arms

Let’s take a closer look, shall we? The famous vocalist made quite the impression in her chic dress which boasted a sleek high neck and delicate mesh sleeves. The attire did an excellent job of highlighting her figure and flared out effortlessly at the hips, resulting in a breathtaking silhouette. She kept her accessories consistent, donning the same stylish shades from earlier and slipping back into her trusty mules. Her hair was parted down the middle, contributing to the overall edgy aesthetic. Loose waves tumbled down her back, complete with a touch of reverse ombre that added an extra pop of color to the entire outfit.

Happy day: The Texas born star stopped by the Elvis Duran Z100 Morning show to talk about her second album

What a delightful occasion! The singer from Texas visited the Elvis Duran Z100 Morning show to chat about the release of her latest album.

Cover girl: The musician's new album, Revival, features her nude on the cover; her album dropped October 9

The musician unveiled their latest record, Revival on October 9th. The album cover features the artist in their natural form, without any attire.

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