“Chilling on a Boat with Friends: Selena Gomez Rocks a Stunning Pink Two-Piece Bikini, Flaunting Her Gorgeous Curves – Check Out these Photos!”

Selena Gomez was seen enjoying her summer in a pink bikini while partying with friends on a boat. In her Instagram Story, the “Baila Conmigo” singer wore a pale pink balconette bikini top and high-waisted belted bottoms, paired with gold jewelry and denim overalls. Selena’s friends also joined her for the relaxing afternoon on the water as seen in separate images across her Instagram. Recently, Selena celebrated her 31st birthday with her sister Gracie Elliot Teefey and friends watching the new Barbie movie, dressed in pink outfits to match the viral “Barbiecore” trend inspired by Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie’s comedy.

selena gomez bikini 2

On the day of her birthday, Selena Gomez took a moment to express her gratitude on Instagram and promote her beauty brand’s mission to raise awareness on mental health. The Rare Beauty founder shared a picture blowing out candles on a beautiful floral pastry and thanked her followers for the success of the Rare Impact Fund through their support of Rare Beauty. She revealed that working towards increasing access to mental health services for young people is her true passion in life and requested her followers to donate to the fund as a birthday gift. Selena expressed immense gratefulness for the work she has been able to do and for the impact it has had on so many people’s lives.

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During the summer, in addition to commemorating her birthday, the former Disney star shared exciting news about her much-awaited album. Selena took to Instagram on June 13th to assure her fans that the album is on its way, even if she’s recording it from Paris. The post featured a photo of the “Wizards of Waverly Place” actress in a recording studio.


Selena Gomez’s fans have been eagerly waiting for her new album, which promises to have a more upbeat tone than her previous music. In a December 2022 interview with Jimmy Fallon, Selena joked about her tendency to write sad songs but expressed her excitement to create more fun tracks. Though there is no official release date yet, fans can look forward to enjoying Selena’s new music soon.

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