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Selena Gomez faced criticism on Instagram for gaining weight, but she proved her haters wrong by looking stunning as she spent a day at the beach in Mexico. The singer confidently flaunted her body in a black and white frilly bikini while soaking up the sun with her friends. Despite the negative comments from some people, Selena showed that she is comfortable in her own skin and is not afraid to show off her assets. Check out the video below for more of Selena’s beach adventure.

Selena Gomez flaunted her gorgeous figure in a bikini as she enjoyed a relaxing swim in the ocean during her Mexican getaway on Sunday. The singer was spotted taking a dip before heading back home, and her new curves were on full display.

What a good sport! She grappled with a foam surfboard while on dry land ahead of hitting the water with her pals 

How impressive! Prior to hitting the water with her friends, she playfully wrestled with a foam surfboard on the beach. She paired a stunning swimsuit with grey lycra hotpants and sported a wet and messy ponytail. Recently, Selena responded to negative comments about her weight gain on social media. In response, she posted a captivating photo of herself in a black swimsuit and declared her love for herself and her body. Her message read, “#theresmoretolove, and I am content with who I am.”

Loving life: She looked like she was having a whale of a time as she headed down to the ocean with her pals 

Enjoying life to the fullest: With her friends by her side, she appeared to be having a blast as she made her way towards the sea.

Amazing times: She threw her head back in delight as she topped up her tan on the idyllic getaway 

Incredible moments: With utmost pleasure, she leaned her head back while soaking up the sun on the perfect vacation spot.

What a girl! Selena was forced to defend her new curves after her figure was criticised on Instagram

Hitting back: She wrote: 'I love being happy with me yall #theresmoretolove,' she wrote along with a striking photo of herself'

Wow, Selena is amazing! She had to stand up for herself and her new body when some people on Instagram had negative things to say about her curves.

Healthy and happy: Despite the furore, the singer looked absolutely incredible as she walked along the sands 

In spite of the commotion surrounding her, the vocalist appeared stunningly attractive while strolling on the beach. She seemed to be in good health and high spirits.

A delight: The successful star could barely keep the smile from her face as she enjoyed her time off work

It was a moment of pure joy for the accomplished celebrity who couldn’t help but flash a big grin while taking some time off from her busy schedule. A photo of the singer and actress was captured against an exquisite backdrop, most likely at the Casa where she’s currently lodging with her girlfriends. The picturesque view showcased a lush green landscape that seamlessly blended into the ocean beyond. Netizens were quick to compliment her on the snapshot, showering her with compliments such as ‘gorgeous,’ ‘stunning,’ and ‘iconic.’ Leaving behind all the controversies, the stunning star took a plunge into the water with her buddies, playfully wrestling with foam boards and inflatable rings.

Making a splash: The 22-year-old looked great from every angle as she made her way into the sea

Covering up a little: She kept her shorts on as she clamoured into the waves, while taking a moment to gaze out at the horizon

Diving in: The young woman, who is 22 years old, was simply stunning as she entered the ocean from all angles.

Wow thing: Fans on the social networking site were quick to praise her body, telling her that she's 'beautiful', 'sexy' and a 'queen'

Impressive fact: Her social media followers wasted no time showering her with compliments about her physique, describing her as ‘gorgeous’, ‘alluring’, and an ‘absolute goddess’.

Taking a dip: No doubt her pals have been reassuring her about how great she looks

Jumping in for a swim: It’s clear that her friends have been boosting her confidence with compliments on her appearance.

Defending herself: She posted this stunning shot to her Instagram account on Friday, writing: 'I love being happy with me yall #theresmoretolove'

She took a defensive stance by sharing a breathtaking photograph on her Instagram profile on Friday, accompanied by a caption that read: ‘I’m content with who I am, and I’m thrilled about it #theresmoretolove.’

Stylin': She tied her brunette locks up into a messy pony, letting the sea water give it a tousled finish 

Looking chic: With effortless ease, she gathered her brown hair into a playful ponytail, allowing the ocean’s saltwater to create a carefree and disheveled look.

Going for it: Selena's string bikini flattered her assets and no doubt will delight her fans 

Refreshing: She kept a firm grip on her floating aid as she prepared to cool off in the water

Selena looked stunning in her string bikini, accentuating her curves and surely thrilling her admirers. She added a touch of modesty by keeping her shorts on as she stepped into the cool ocean waves and paused to admire the expansive view of the horizon. Selena has recently separated from Justin Bieber and rumors suggest that she is seeing DJ Zedd. She shared an image of herself snuggling up with producer Hit-Boy on a yacht and has since returned to LAX airport after her idyllic vacation.

Ring in the changes: Her friends were jumping through hoops... literally 

Shake things up: Her buddies were figuratively jumping through hoops.

Showing Bieber what he's missing: Selena flaunted her curves in pictures which are no going to be seen by Justin

Moving on? Selena is not thought to be dating DJ Zedd, and also posted a snap of her cosying up to producer Hit-Boy while on a yacht

Selena recently shared some photos of herself flaunting her curves, and it’s safe to say that Justin won’t be seeing them anytime soon. She’s definitely showing him what he’s missing!

Looking lovely: She was sporting a golden tan during her short break which gave her a healthy glow 

Appearing radiant: During her brief respite, she had acquired a beautiful sun-kissed complexion that accentuated her natural radiance.

Over to you: Her pal soon took her surfboard off her hands as they took it in turns to try it out 

It was her friend’s turn to give surfing a shot as Selena handed over her board, and the singer’s arrival at the bustling LAX airport didn’t seem to faze her as she sported a sun-kissed glow and a beaming smile, thrilled to be back home. Selena looked stunning in a grey T-shirt dress that accentuated her physique, paired with a white baseball jacket to cover her shoulders. Completing the look were chunky black boots, dark sunglasses, and a black handbag as she navigated through the crowds.

Back in town: Selena Gomez landed back at Los Angeles International Airport from an idyllic sunshine break in Mexico on Sunday

Selena Gomez has returned to Los Angeles after enjoying a sunny vacation in Mexico.

 Curves: Selena's physique was perfectly highlighted in a flattering long grey t-shirt dress

Selena looked stunning in a stylish long grey t-shirt dress that accentuated her curves beautifully.

Upbeat: The young singer and actress was in good cheer as she raced across the airport

Upbeat: The young singer and actress was in good cheer as she raced across the airport

Happy and filled with energy, the youthful songstress and performer was in high spirits as she dashed through the airport.

'Home sweet home': The holiday seemed to be over for Selena as she posted this photo later on Monday as she wrote: 'But for sleep then right back to the studio. God bless everyone! Hope you have an amazing day!'

Selena bid farewell to her vacation by sharing a photo on Monday with the caption ‘Home sweet home’. She further added that it’s time for some rest before heading back to the studio. Selena also wished everyone a great day ahead and sent blessings to all.

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