“Fly Like a Butterfly: Miley Cyrus Flaunts Monokini and Pasties at Adult Swim Upfront Party”

Miley Cyrus made heads turn and tongues wagging when she arrived at the Adult Swim Upfront Party in New York City wearing a bold and daring outfit that included pink pasties and suspenders. Her outfit left little to the imagination, creating a buzz among fans and media. It seemed that Miley purposely wore such an outfit, which once again made it to the headlines. For a more detailed view of her eye-catching ensemble, check out the video below.

Racy in pasties: Miley Cyrus was up to her usual tricks as she posed at the Adult Swim Upfront Party at Terminal 5 in NYC on Wednesday wearing just nipple pasties, suspenders and tights

Once again, Miley Cyrus has displayed her bold fashion choices at the Adult Swim Upfront Party, held at Terminal 5 in NYC on Wednesday. Her outfit showcased her fearless attitude, as she wore pasties, shimmery off-white tights, and purple gloves while delivering a dynamic performance at the event. With a microphone in hand, Miley exuded confidence on stage, captivating the audience with her energetic singing. Prior to the party, she was spotted at the airport in a revealing ensemble that left little to the imagination. The black mesh top, cut-off shorts, and ripped fishnet tights allowed her right breast to be visible through the sheer material of her top.

Bold move: She failed to protect her modesty as she showed off her butterfly nipple pasties under a daring monokini ensemble

With fearless confidence, she boldly displayed her butterfly-shaped nipple pasties while wearing a stunning monokini ensemble. She didn’t shy away from exhibiting her modesty to the entire world.

Not shy: The pop star clearly had no qualms in flashing the flesh thanks to her revealing ensemble

Fearless: The music icon seemed unfazed by flaunting a bit of skin in her daring outfit.

Butterfly moves: With her arms up in the air, the singer powered through her ballads on stage

The singer gave an electrifying show, resembling a butterfly with her wing-like movements and reaching out to the crowd as she sang heartfelt ballads.

In her element: Miley reigned supreme on the stage at the exclusive event

Miley Cyrus was the center of attention at a private event, radiating with her presence. Despite being surrounded by eager onlookers, the bold singer maintained her composure as she strolled in with her security team. Before proceeding, Miley even took a quick photo with a couple of fans. Undoubtedly, Miley was the most buzzworthy personality of the evening.

Playful nature: As well as butterfly wings, the Wrecking Ball hitmaker completed her look with glittery pink gloves and bold eyewear 

Miley Cyrus, the renowned singer of the chartbuster “Wrecking Ball,” added a fun element to her attire. She adorned her hands with shimmering pink gloves and flaunted bold eyewear that perfectly complemented her butterfly wings.

Doing her thing: She showed off her vocal talents to the max

She showcased her exceptional singing abilities to the fullest extent.

What heartache? Miley is said to have recently ended things with Patrick Schwarzenegger

Heartbreak has been the buzzword lately, and it’s all because of Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger’s recent split. The singer made waves at a recent event with her bold new hairstyle that featured platinum and yellow tones. She also confidently rocked glittery shades of blue and yellow on her eyes, proving once again that she’s not afraid to take risks with her style. This isn’t the first time Miley has raised eyebrows with her daring choices either; she’s known for flaunting her body on Instagram and even went topless during a spontaneous photoshoot with Scout and Tallulah Willis.

Group hug: Miley joined arms with the Adult Swim cable network's execs, L to R, John Martin, Donna Speciale and David Levy

In a heartwarming photo, Miley Cyrus can be seen embracing the executives of Adult Swim cable network with sheer happiness. The picture shows Miley surrounded by Donna Speciale, David Levy, and John Martin, all of whom have their arms wrapped around each other as they share a moment of joy.

Fantasia: The Wrecking Ball drifted into an ethereal trance while performing at the bash

As Fantasia stepped onto the party stage, she couldn’t help but be captivated by the magical ambiance surrounding her. The music reverberated within her, causing her to sway in a dreamlike state, effortlessly floating through the air. The Wrecking Ball’s performance was otherworldly, and her presence only added to the already spellbinding experience, captivating the entire audience.

All that glitters: Miley was a marvel in head to toe glitter detailing

Miley impressed the crowd with her stunning sparkling attire that covered her from top to bottom. But, her newest upload on Instagram showed a distinct aspect of her personality as she sat in a bathtub after her separation from Patrick Schwarzenegger. It appears that Miley is now determined to find affection and recognition as she shared intimate photographs with a young man and even kissed a girl in another post.

Bright eyes: The Bangerz star wore a circle of glittery blue and yellow shadow around her eyes

During a recent occasion, the 22-year-old star Miley Cyrus displayed a unique makeup style. The renowned singer of the chart-topping track “Bangerz” showcased a mesmerizing circle of sparkling blue and yellow eyeshadow around her eyes, resulting in a bold and chic appearance.

Move on: Miley graciously pushed her way through the throng of camera-wielding fans

As Miley walked through the crowd of enthusiastic fans with her friendly demeanor, she easily navigated their excited snapping of photos.

She's ripped: The Wrecking Ball star strolled her long-legged self along while clad in ripped fishnets

The main star of Wrecking Ball flaunted her elongated limbs as she took a leisurely stroll, donning ripped fishnet stockings.

She likes it: Miley smiled and seemed to enjoy the attention she was getting

Sporting a smile from ear to ear, Miley appeared at ease and relished being the focal point of everyone’s gaze.

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