“For Justin’s eyes only: Selena Gomez’s sizzling performance of “Same Old Love” at the AMAs following her reunion with ex, Bieber.”

Selena Gomez performed her latest single at the American Music Awards and looked stunning in a black sequined jumpsuit that revealed her toned legs, arms, and midriff. The 23-year-old singer seemed to be over her previous relationship as she sang “Same Old Love” with power and grace. The performance was a hit and left the audience in awe.

Stunning: Selena Gomez slayed with sexy rendition of Same Old Love at American Music Awards on Sunday night

Selena Gomez delivered an amazing performance of her hit song “Same Old Love” at the American Music Awards on Sunday night. Dressed in a full-length black cloak, she took to the stage and shed it once the music started. The Texan singer showcased her confidence as she strutted around the stage, flaunting her curves while being twisted, turned, and lifted by her backup dancers. Although every moment of Selena’s performance was captured on camera, the director missed one thing – a shot of Justin Bieber’s reaction. Stay updated with the latest news about Selena and Justin’s reunion.

Revealing: The 23-year-old flashed her curves - all of them - in a sheer black jump suit

The 23-year-old made quite a bold statement as she showed off her figure in a see-through black jumpsuit that left little to the imagination.

Vader: She arrived on stage in a full length black cloak, but shrugged it off as the song kicked off

Vader’s opening performance featured a dramatic entrance as the artist made their way to the stage donning an elegant black cloak. However, as the energetic beat of the music began, Vader discarded the cloak and let loose with their captivating performance.

Scintillating: In an energetic and sexy routine, the Texan strutted around the stage with supreme confidence

Dazzling: With a vibrant and alluring performance, the Texan effortlessly moved around the stage exuding an air of authority and self-assuredness.

Sexy: She flaunted her curves as she was twisted, turned and hoisted by her back-up dancers

At an award show, performers are constantly being watched and scrutinized, with cameras cutting to the audience at any hint of a reaction. One example is when J-Lo’s performance included Sir Mix-A-Lots “Baby Got Back”, and Nikki Minaj’s unimpressed face was caught on camera. However, despite rumors circulating that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber may have rekindled their romance after being seen together, Bieber’s reaction to Gomez’s solo performance at the red carpet was not documented. Fans had been hoping to see the pair arrive together at the event, but Gomez showed up by herself.

Where was he? While every inch of Selena was captured on camera, one trick the director missed was a cut to Justin Bieber's reaction

Do you know where Justin Bieber was when Selena was being captured on camera? Even though every moment of Selena’s appearance was filmed, the director forgot to include Justin’s reaction.

Cut to: Award shows normally cut in and out of the crowd at the slightest hint of a connection

Award shows usually switch quickly between shots of the audience members when a connection is hinted.

Bathroom break: But despite all tongues a-wagging about a rekindled romance between Selena and her ex-Justin Bieber after they were spotted getting close on a night out together on Friday - his reaction from the crowd was mysteriously never documented

To take a quick visit to the restroom: However, even though people have been talking about a possible reunion between Selena and her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber following their night out together on Friday, there is no record of his response from the audience.

Still guessing: Fans had hoped/expected them to arrive on the red carpet together following their date in Beverly Hills, but Gomez instead turned up solo

Fans were hoping to see the celebrity couple on the red carpet together after their date in Beverly Hills, but Selena Gomez surprised everyone by showing up alone.

Cryptic: Justin was also spotted singing My Girl to his ex-girlfriend during their rendezvous

Justin was seen serenading his former partner with the tune My Girl while they were meeting up.

As the awards show kicked off at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, a stunning Latina celebrity graced the event, wearing a glittering ruby dress that showed off her back. Her mid-length frock was embellished with sequins and complemented by a pair of black ankle-strap heels. Throughout the night, she kept her poker straight black hair centre parted and cascading down her back. Although she changed into something more comfortable for her performance, her stylish appearance remained consistent. In contrast, her on-and-off boyfriend made a fashion statement on the red carpet by wearing a Nirvana shirt, which caused some controversy among Kurt Cobain fans on Twitter.

Squeeze: Selena won herself a big hug from actress Hailee Steinfeld

Selena was embraced by actress Hailee Steinfeld, giving her a big warm hug.

Lady in red: The Latina beauty flashed her back in a glittering ruby dress as she arrived at Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles for the awards show

Lady in red: The Latina beauty flashed her back in a glittering ruby dress as she arrived at Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles for the awards show

The stunning Latina woman caught everyone’s attention with her choice of attire at the awards show held at Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. She wore a dazzling ruby gown that showcased her beautiful back.

Ire: Her on/off boyfriend Justin meanwhile upset a lot of Kurt Cobain fans on Twitter when he arrived on the red carpet wearing a Nirvana shirt

Ire’s boyfriend Justin caused quite a stir on Twitter among fans of Kurt Cobain when he showed up at the red carpet wearing a shirt with the Nirvana logo.

On or off? The pair looked to have rekindled their romance, stepping out together in Los Angeles, California, on Friday evening

Are they back together? The duo seemed to have reignited their love as they were spotted out and about in Los Angeles, California, on Friday night.

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