J.Lo Gets Fit at the Gym for New Stripper Role and Reunites with A-Rod

Jennifer Lopez has been working hard to get in shape for her role as a stripper in the film The Hustlers At Scores. She was spotted leaving a gym in Miami after a rigorous workout session. Her goal is to have a perfectly toned body for her upcoming role. Despite being almost 50 years old, she looked incredible in a transparent yellow jacket and a light blue exercise bra that showed off her flat abs.

Sexy style: Jennifer Lopez flashed her fab flat abs in a cropped, see-through yellow jacket that she wore over a pale blue exercise bra when she was spotted leaving a gym in Miami on Friday

On a Friday, Jennifer Lopez was spotted exiting a gym located in Miami, donning an alluring and trendy outfit. She flaunted her well-sculpted physique by putting on a see-through yellow jacket which revealed her stunning flat abs, paired with a light blue sports bra.

Sunny style: The 49-year-old stunner, who teamed her top with skin-tight leggings and a bright yellow purse, is honing her body for her new movie, The Hustlers At Scores

The stunning 49-year-old star is putting in the effort to get into shape for her upcoming role in The Hustlers at Scores. She opted for a form-fitting top, leggings, and a bold yellow handbag as her outfit of choice. This was complemented by matching skin-tight leggings and white sneakers for an athleisure look. She styled her dark blonde hair in a sleek high ponytail and carried a large yellow leather bag to match her sunny theme. As she made her way towards the waiting SUV, she wore dark sunglasses to protect her eyes from the bright light. It’s evident that J.Lo is looking fantastic and prepared to conquer the world!

Booty-ful view: J-Lo's skin-tight leggings showed off  delighful derriere as she got into a waiting SUV after her workout

As J-Lo made her way out of her workout session, she definitely turned heads in her skin-tight leggings that showed off her amazing figure. The singer has been following a strict 10-day diet with her partner, Alex Rodriguez, where they abstained from consuming any sugar or carbs. They completed the diet successfully at the end of January and rewarded themselves with a feast consisting of pizza, chicken wings, fries, and cookies. But according to sources, the couple might be preparing for round two of their diet as they were spotted at a baseball game at Alex Rodriguez Park in the University of Miami.

Liftoff: After a couple of false starts, JLo finally made her move and got enough height to swirl around the pole a number of times

The sexy finish: The 49-year old made a sexy dismount and dip towards ARod, who gave his approval with a simple: 'wooo' comment

The internet is buzzing with a video of A-Rod, Jennifer Lopez’s partner, catching her in the act of practicing her pole dancing for an upcoming film role. It’s been said that the pair decided to pass up on the famous Mark Light Shakes when offered at a local park. Speaking of J.Lo’s new project, she’ll be starring in a film called The Hustlers At Scores, which is based on the real-life story of strippers from Scores club in New York City. In the movie, these dancers get back at their wealthy and abusive clients by maxing out their credit cards after they’ve passed out. We’re eagerly anticipating the release of this highly-anticipated film, which features J.Lo alongside Constance Wu.

Huge feast: Her beau Alex Rodriguez shared an Instagram snap on January 31 with their spread of food, which included pizzas,  chicken wings, fries and pastries after they completed their sugar and carb-free 10-Day diet. They are said to have begun a new round 

Alex Rodriguez recently took to Instagram to share a picture of the mouth-watering spread he and his partner indulged in after successfully completing their 10-day diet which excluded sugar and carbs. The scrumptious meal included pizzas, chicken wings, fries, and pastries. It is reported that the couple will be starting another cycle of their diet soon, although no official date has been confirmed yet. Meanwhile, A-Rod is set to star in a movie alongside Constance Wu, but details regarding its release are still unknown. On the same day as the post, the couple was spotted coaching a young baseball player at Florida International University, with A-Rod taking charge while his partner took it easy on the field.

Scoping him out:  A-Rod focused his concentration on a young baseball player at at Florida International University in Miami

Scouting for talent: A-Rod set his sights on a potential baseball star from Miami’s Florida International University.

Chilling out: A-Rod lead the training as his lady love Jennifer relaxed on the pitch

Relaxing on the field, Jennifer watched as A-Rod led the training session, taking charge and guiding their team towards success.

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