J-Lo Stuns with Four Jaw-Dropping Outfits to Receive Icon Award at 2022 iHeartRadio Music Awards

Jennifer Lopez looked stunning in four different outfits at the 2022 iHeartRadio Music Awards in Los Angeles on Tuesday night. The 52-year-old megastar was awarded the Icon Award and then performed a medley of her latest hit On My Way and the 2005 classic Get Right. She first appeared in an army green one-shoulder gown with a sheer skirt that showcased her long legs, before changing into a skin-baring outfit for her performance. Jennifer adorned herself with silver earrings and diamond rings, and styled her honey-colored hair in a voluminous blowout. Her makeup consisted of a dramatic black smokey eye, pale nude lip gloss, and a radiant bronzer and facial highlight.

Sheer perfection: Jennifer first appeared during the ceremony in an army green one-shoulder gown with a sheer skirt that showed off her killer legs

Jennifer made a stunning entrance at the event wearing an army green one-shoulder dress that had a see-through skirt, accentuating her gorgeous legs. Her look was nothing less than flawless.

Decked out: The On The Floor songstress accessorized with a pair of silver drop earrings and several dazzling diamond rings

Sultry gaze: As for makeup, the mother-of-two rocked a dramatic black smokey eye and muted her pout with a pale nude lip gloss

Looking fabulous: Jennifer Lopez added some extra pizzazz to her outfit by complementing it with stunning silver drop earrings and multiple sparkling diamond rings.

Signature strands: Jennifer's honey-toned tresses were parted down the middle and blown out to create an overall voluminous look

Jennifer’s hair had a beautiful honey color and was parted in the middle. It was blown out to give a voluminous appearance. She took the stage after an amazing tribute performance by Billy Porter and some drag performers. They paid homage to her greatest hits, including a lip sync of her 2002 hit song Jenny From The Block. As soon as the performance ended, Jennifer came on stage and started singing On My Way, which is a new song recorded for her recent movie Marry Me. She looked stunning in a white fur coat, which she later ditched to reveal a black bodysuit with stomach cut-outs. Her washboard abs were on full display, and she climbed down a lit staircase to add more drama to her performance.

Woman of the hour: Jennifer's performance followed an incredible tribute act, which saw Billy Porter and a team of drag performers pay homage to some of her greatest hits

Jennifer was the star of the show. Her impressive performance came after an amazing tribute act that featured Billy Porter and a group of drag performers who gave homage to her best songs.

All the drama: Belting out the opening lyrics to On My Way, which is an original song recorded for her recently-release feature Marry Me, Jennifer wowed in a dramatic white fur coat

Amidst all the excitement, Jennifer captured everyone’s attention as she confidently sang the opening lines of her new song titled “On My Way.” The track was specially recorded for her latest movie project, “Marry Me.” Dressed in a stunning white fur coat, the singer and actress looked absolutely breathtaking.

Meaningful message: Resting just to the right of the star was a fur blanket that matched her coat with 'EQUALITY' written on it in bold black lettering

The star’s fur blanket was placed to the right of her, adorned with the word ‘EQUALITY’ in bold black letters. Her revealing outfit was held together by silver hardware and complemented by bedazzled arm-length gloves and a rhinestone-covered cane used as a dance prop. She wore black lace-up boots and jeweled knee pads during her performance, which received a standing ovation. Later, she changed into her fourth and final outfit of the evening backstage.

Wow! After climbing down a lit up staircase, she ditched her coat to reveal a barely-there black bodysuit with stomach cut-outs that showcased her washboard abs

Oh my goodness! She descended a staircase illuminated by lights and then revealed her fit physique by removing her coat to reveal a black bodysuit with daring cut-outs that highlighted her toned abdominal muscles.

Hot hardware: The pants and top portion of The Hustlers star's revealing garment were held together by silver hardware

The attire worn by the actress in The Hustlers movie featured flashy silver hardware that kept her pants and top securely fastened.

Dazzling: She further amped up the look by slipping on a pair of bedazzled arm length gloves and a rhinestone-covered cane, which she used as a prop in a solo dance routine

High-energy: Jennifer delivered a high-energy performance and often aimed her microphone in the direction of the crowd to get them to sing along

Stunning: To elevate her appearance, she wore bedazzled gloves that covered her arms and carried a rhinestone-covered cane that added glitz to her solo dance performance.

Bust a move! Jennifer danced on stage in a pair of black lace-up boots and protected her knees with a set of jeweled knee pads

Get ready to groove! Jennifer showed off her dance moves wearing black lace-up boots and sparkling knee pads while performing on stage. Later, she made her way to the press room and flaunted her fit physique in a green velvet bandeau top and wide-legged pants that perfectly complemented her outfit’s animal-print coat. Completing her look was a delicate gold pendant chain around her neck. The star-studded 2022 iHeartRadio Music Awards, which featured performances by Megan Thee Stallion and Olivia Rodrigo, took place at the renowned Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.

Last but not least: After receiving a standing ovation for her performance, Jennifer snuck backstage to change into her fourth and final ensemble for the evening

Finally, Jennifer was able to bask in the glory of a well-deserved standing ovation for her stellar performance. She then quickly made her way backstage to switch into her fourth and final outfit for the night.

Velvet vixen: Hitting the press room, the Papi hitmaker further showcased her toned tummy in a green velvet bandeau top and matching wide-legged pants

Wild side: She layered up the sexy coord with a long animal-print coat that rested just off her shoulders as she posed for cameras with her award in hand

Not flashy: Jennifer donned a delicate gold necklace with a petite pendant hanging from it.

Understated: Jennifer wore a dainty gold pendant chain around her neck

Jennifer donned a delicate gold pendant chain around her neck, which was a subtle addition to her look. The talented artist was recently named the winner of the Icon Award for the year, with iHeartRadio praising her impact on pop culture, long-lasting career, and relevance in the music industry. During her speech at the event, Jennifer expressed her gratitude for her fans, who have helped her overcome negativity and continue pursuing her passion. She acknowledged that it is because of her supporters that she can live the life she loves and is thankful for everyone who attends her concerts, streams her songs, watches her movies, and follows her journey. For Jennifer, this is the most wonderful blessing and a dream come true.

Big moment: Jennifer was crowned as this year's Icon Award recipient for 'her impact on pop culture, longevity and continued relevance as a touring and radio force,' said iHeartRadio in a news release

Jennifer received the Icon Award for her significant influence on pop culture, long-lasting career, and continuous relevance in the music industry, according to a news release from iHeartRadio. It was a big moment for her.

Grateful: 'I really do it for you guys, I really do. And because of the love you give me ... I can overcome negativity and so can you, every single moment, and let me tell you something else - I'm just getting started,' Jennifer said in her acceptance speech at the ceremony

Thankful: During her acceptance speech at the event, Jennifer expressed her gratitude towards her supporters by saying that she does it for them. She also mentioned that the love given by her fans helps her overcome negativity. Furthermore, Jennifer added that she is just getting started and encouraged everyone to do the same.

Support system: The 49-year-old actor was captured sitting in the audience with his son Samuel, nine, and Jennifer's daughter Emme, 13

During a recent star-studded ceremony, Jennifer Lopez expressed her gratitude to everyone who supported her and believed in her, even when she didn’t believe in herself. The 49-year-old actor Ben Affleck was present in the audience, along with his son Samuel and Jennifer’s daughter Emme. Jennifer thanked her fans and supporters for making her dream come true and promised never to take their support for granted. She was accompanied by her boyfriend Ben Affleck, who she reunited with last year after a 17-year separation. Jennifer shares her twins Max and Emme with her ex-husband Marc Anthony.

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