Jennifer Lopez Celebrates Her 46th Birthday Flaunting Her Famous Curves in a Sexy Mesh Dress

Jennifer Lopez seemed to be in the peak of her physical fitness and she proudly showed off her amazing physique during her special day as she turned 46. The versatile actress wore a stunning outfit that left everyone in awe on Friday evening. Watch the video below.

Still stunning: Jennifer Lopez celebrated her 46th birthday in a rather racy ensemble on Friday night

Jennifer Lopez marked her 46th birthday with a bold fashion choice that turned heads on Friday evening. The actress and singer looked stunning in an outfit that left little to the imagination.

Iconic: She flashed her famous backside in the dress with a sheer detailing at the popular New York hotspot 1Oak in Southampton

J-Lo made heads turn at 1Oak in Southampton, New York as she flaunted her renowned backside in a sheer detailed dress. During the celebration, guests enjoyed refreshing Summer cocktails by CÎROC Vodka while the singer danced the night away in her revealing frock. The black dress hugged her curves and displayed her cleavage with cutouts under the chest and along the side. Mesh detailing ran down the side of the dress, accentuating her famous backside for all to see.

Curvaceous: J-Lo gave a sultry stare as she rocked the sexy clinging black dress which showed off her cleavage and had cut-outs on the side

J-Lo looked stunningly sexy as she gave a seductive gaze while wearing a tight black dress that accentuated her curves, revealing some cleavage and featuring cut-outs on the sides.

Cheeky: The singer and actress was not shy about showing off her fabulous figure in her forties

Playful: The singer and actress flaunted her stunning physique without any hesitation despite being in her forties. Her highlighted brunette locks flowed down her shoulders while her complexion appeared flawless with natural makeup enhancing her beauty. She even shared some daring pictures on Instagram alongside Fat Joe and French Montana, the ex-partner of Khloe Kardashian. In one snap, French and Fat Joe posed with the American Idol judge while Thalía, a singer and author, joined them. Another picture featured Lorena Cartegena, Joe’s wife, and Thalía cuddling up for a group photo with the 44-year-old rapper.

Party people: Jennifer partied the night away with famous friends including (pictured from left to right): French Montana, Fat Joe and Thalia

A group of celebrities had a wild night together, with Jennifer joining in on the fun alongside well-known figures such as French Montana, Fat Joe, and Thalia (as seen in the photo from left to right).

Three's a crowd: Fat Joe's wife Lorena Cartegena and Thalia also flanked J-Lo in another snap

In a photo, J-Lo was joined by Lorena Cartegena, the wife of Fat Joe, and Thalia, making it a trio.

Fantastic four: Khloe Kardashian's ex French, Thalia, Joe and Lorena certainly seemed to have a blast 

The fabulous quartet consisting of Khloe Kardashian’s former beau French, Thalia, Joe and Lorena appeared to have an incredible time.

Hanging out: Earlier in the day Joe posted this image with the birthday girl J-Lo and Loren Ridinger

Chilling: Joe shared a snap with the lovely b-day gal J-Lo and Loren Ridinger on his social media earlier today.

Moving and grooving: French shared this snap of him dancing with Jennifer and the caption: 'Happy bday to my big sis @jlo ‼️#southbronx'

French Montana posted a photo of himself dancing with Jennifer Lopez on her birthday, along with the message: “Happy birthday to my dear big sister @jlo ‼️ #southbronx.” The two seemed to be having a great time moving and grooving together.

Assistance is needed: Jennifer was helped out of the chauffeured vehicle by Casper Smart

Help required: Jennifer received aid from Casper Smart as he helped her out of the chauffeured car.

Escort: JLo was pleased to be escorted to the festivities by her much younger boyfriend

Accompanied by her significantly younger partner, JLo was delighted to attend the celebration.

Hang on: The couple linked hands as they strolled to the venue

Wait a minute: The pair held onto each other’s hands while walking towards the location.

Right behind you: Casper led the way while Jennifer followed

Casper played the role of the leader as Jennifer followed closely behind. In honor of her birthday, J-Lo shared a childhood picture of herself wearing a bright red dress and beaming with joy while standing next to her birthday cake adorned with pink frosting flowers. The image was accompanied by the hashtag ‘#TBT’ as a nod to Throwback Thursday. As a mother of two and a successful singer, it was a heartwarming way for her to reminisce about her youth.

Side view: JLo gave another glimpse of her voluptuous figure

From another angle, the stunning JLo has once again shown off her curvaceous physique.

Diva in spotlight: The American Idol judge kept her head down while walking past the crowd of well-wishers

The spotlight was on the diva as she made her way through a sea of supporters, but she kept her head low. She was a judge on American Idol, and it seemed like everyone wanted to catch a glimpse of her.

Famous booty: Jennifer showed off more of that famous derriere 

Jennifer flaunted her well-known backside, revealing even more of its prominent curves.

All-star turn out: French Montana was among the party-goers

A lot of famous faces showed up, including French Montana, to party.

Making their way: Jennifer and French prepared to exit their party bus upon arrival to her birthday bash in New York in July 2015 

Jennifer and her group of friends were having a blast as they partied inside the luxurious limousine.

Earlier on...: Before the party, Jennifer and Casper stepped out to celebrate her birthday with family and friends in Sag Harbor on the private yacht Utopia 3

Before the event, Jennifer and Casper had a pre-party celebration with their loved ones on a private yacht called Utopia 3 in Sag Harbor.

Summer brights: The leggy lovely showed off her shapely pins in a cute brightly-coloured pair of shorts and matching crop top, proving that her showstopping fashion choices aren't just for after dark

During the summer season, a stunning individual flaunted her gorgeous legs in a charmingly vibrant pair of shorts and a matching crop top. This displayed that her exceptional fashion sense is not limited to evening events alone.

Mwah! The cute couple seemed to be sharing an intimate moment as Casper drove them to her daytime celebration

The adorable pair looked like they were enjoying a private moment as Casper drove them to Jennifer Lopez’s daytime celebration. Later on, J-Lo shared a photo of Marilyn Monroe blowing a bubble gum bubble with the words “It’s my birthday!!” written over her face. Casper Smart also took to social media to show his support for his on-again off-again girlfriend on her special day. He posted a selfie of himself smiling in bed with a wiry beard and captioned it with “Smiling cause do you know what tmrw is???” The post was made on Thursday, a day before J-Lo’s birthday.

Celebratory throwback: On the same day Jennifer shared a throwback photo of herself celebrating her birthday with she was a toddler

Throwback to a Happy Moment: Jennifer brought back some happy memories when she shared an old photo of herself as a little girl celebrating her birthday on the same day.

Then and now: The video for Jenny From The Block (left) premiered in 2002 but J-Lo present day (right) hasn't changed a bit

Then and now: The video for Jenny From The Block (left) premiered in 2002 but J-Lo present day (right) hasn't changed a bit

Back in 2002, the music video for Jenny From The Block was released featuring Jennifer Lopez. However, if we look at J-Lo today, it seems like she hasn’t aged a day!

In the spirit: Lopez also shared a photo of what appeared to be Marilyn Monroe blowing a bubble with gum as the words 'It's My Birthday!!' were scrawled across the front

Lopez exhibited a festive mood by sharing a picture of Marilyn Monroe blowing a bubble with gum, adorned with the words ‘It’s My Birthday!!’ on the front.

Getting excited: On Thursday, J-Lo's on-again off-again beau Casper Smart took to Instagram to share his excitement for the big day. He captioned the snap: ‘Smiling cause do you know what tmrw is???’

Experiencing thrill: Casper Smart, Jennifer Lopez’s former partner, expressed his anticipation for an event on Instagram last Thursday. He posted a photo of himself smiling and wrote in the caption, “I’m excited because do you know what tomorrow is???”

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