JLo Rocks Extravagant Bridal Gown for Marry Me Rom-Com Scene in NYC

Jennifer Lopez is getting ready to marry her fiancé Alex Rodriguez, who proposed to her in March. The singer and actress recently gave him a sneak peek of what she might look like on their big day by wearing a stunning white bridal gown while filming a wedding scene for her new movie Marry Me in Manhattan, New York. The 50-year-old star looked absolutely breathtaking as she walked onto the set in a Zuhair Murad Couture gown, complete with intricate embellishments and detailing. She held onto her sweeping train with grace and commanded attention effortlessly.

Here comes the bride! Jennifer Lopez, 50, stunned in an extravagant white Zuhair Murad Couture bridal gown while filming a wedding scene for her new movie Marry Me in Manhattan, New York, on Thursday night

The famous celebrity, Jennifer Lopez, made heads turn as she donned an extravagant bridal gown by Zuhair Murad Couture while filming a wedding scene for her upcoming movie Marry Me in Manhattan, New York. Despite the cold weather, she added a white and brown faux fur stole to the ensemble to not compromise on glamour. Jennifer’s youthful features were accentuated with a coat of dewy make-up while she wore a semi-sheer embellished veil on her hair. To complete the look, she wore a thick choker necklace, drop earrings, and multiple glittering rings, making her shine in diamonds.

All dressed in white! Holding on to her sensational sweeping train, the multi-talented star commanded attention as she walked onto set in the lavish number which featured intricate embellishments and detailing

Looking pristine in an all-white ensemble, the versatile celebrity flaunted her stunning long train with grace and confidence. Embellished with intricate details, her luxurious attire caught everyone’s eye as she made her way onto the set.

Eyes on her! Not foregoing any element of glamour, Jennifer teamed the gorgeous opulent gown with a white and brown faux fur stole while emerging into the Big Apple chill

All eyes were on Jennifer as she stepped out into the chilly Big Apple streets. She looked absolutely glamorous in her stunning opulent gown, which she paired perfectly with a luxurious white and brown faux fur stole. Nothing was left out when it came to her stylish ensemble!

Beautiful: The Hustlers star enhanced her perfectly youthful features with a signature coat of dewy make-up, while a semi-sheer embellished veil rested atop her tresses

Gorgeous: The lead actress in Hustlers amplified her naturally youthful appearance with a signature application of glowing cosmetics. Additionally, she wore a partially transparent veil adorned with intricate embellishments on her hair.

Dazzle: Completing the look with a dazzling thick choker style necklace, eye-catching drop earrings and a slew of glittering rings, Jennifer proved to be dripping in diamonds

Jennifer looked stunning as she finished off her outfit with a thick choker necklace, drop earrings that caught the eye, and several rings that sparkled brilliantly. It was clear that she was adorned with an abundance of diamonds.

Epic arrival: Jennifer emerged from the building in the jaw-dropping wedding gown

Busy: She was spotted filming the latest scenes for her Hollywood role

As she continued shooting her latest role, Jennifer made a grand entrance from the building in a stunning wedding dress that left everyone in awe. Her arrival was truly epic!

Stunning: The intricate head dress proved to be just the icing on the cake for her extravagant ensemble as she prepared to film the wedding-themed production

Amazing: The elaborate hair accessory was the perfect addition to her lavish outfit as she geared up to shoot the wedding-inspired project.

Fashion over comfort: Jennifer was given a helping hand from her team while making her way on set thanks to the heavy nature of the dress, and ensured she sat down to rest in between filming breaks

Jennifer received help from her team while walking on set due to the weight of her dress, and took breaks to rest during filming sessions. The plot of Marry Me revolves around Kat Valdes (played by Lopez), a famous pop star who is left at the altar by her rock-star fiancé (portrayed by Colombian musician-turned-actor Maluma) just before their wedding at Madison Square Garden. Instead, she ends up marrying a stranger from the audience, played by Owen Wilson. Interestingly, this isn’t the first time that Jennifer and Owen have acted together; they previously starred in the 1997 film Anaconda, which was about a giant man-eating snake in the Amazon.

Glamorous: Jennifer's height was boosted in a pair of dangerously high silver stilettos as she emerged from a taxi looking anxious while cameras rolled

Sassy: Jennifer sashayed out of a cab wearing sky-high silver stilettos, adding extra inches to her already stunning frame. Despite the flashing cameras, she seemed a bit on edge.

Plot: Marry Me is about a pop superstar named Kat Valdes (Lopez) who is jilted by her rock-star fiance (Colombian music star-turned-actor Maluma) moments before their wedding at Madison Square Garden

The story of Marry Me revolves around a famous pop singer, Kat Valdes (played by Lopez), who gets abandoned by her rockstar fiancé (Maluma) at the last minute before their wedding ceremony at Madison Square Garden.

Storyline: Instead, Valdes marries a random guy from the crowd instead — played, of course, by sweet and bumbling everyman Charlie Gilbert (Owen Wilson)

Valdes decides to marry a man from the audience at her wedding ceremony, and the fortunate gentleman turns out to be the lovable and clumsy Charlie Gilbert, portrayed by Owen Wilson.

Superstars: This isn't the first time Jennifer and Owen have shared screen time — the pair were in the 1997 creature feature Anaconda, about a giant man-eating snake in the Amazon

Celebrities: It’s not a new experience for Jennifer and Owen to work together on a movie. Previously, they both appeared in the 1997 movie Anaconda, which was about a massive snake that consumed humans in the Amazon.

A vision: Jennifer's jaw-dropping gown was certainly a sight to behold as she emerged from the building to film the scenes

Jennifer’s stunning dress left everyone in awe as she stepped out of the building to shoot the scene. It was a vision that captivated everyone’s attention.

So beautiful: As she prepared to film, the vast skirt surrounded J-Lo to accentuate the truly glamorous nature of the gown

It was absolutely stunning to see J-Lo getting ready for filming. Her magnificent gown had a vast skirt that enveloped her, enhancing the already glamorous look. The Marry Me shoot has explored various iconic locations in New York City, such as Midtown Manhattan and Coney Island. The movie is set to be released on New Year’s Day, according to IMDb. Jennifer must have gained a lot of ideas from her captivating bridal scene, especially since she is currently planning her wedding with Alex Rodriguez, a former professional baseball player.

Glam: Jennifer carefully moved the skirt's layers out of the car as to ensure her beautiful gown wasn't damaged during filming

Jennifer was cautious as she slowly pulled out the layers of her skirt from the car, making sure that her stunning gown remained unscathed while capturing the shots.

Decoration: As the actress turned and lifted one arm the full extent of the incredible gown and intricate veil could be seen

The stunning actress twirled around and gracefully raised her arm, revealing the breathtaking details of the exquisite dress and intricate veil.

Statement dress: Jennifer appeared to be working out her next move after getting out of a car

Statement dress: The actress accessorized her bold look with a pretty necklace

Jennifer elevated her outfit by donning a statement dress and complemented it with a stylish white and brown faux fur wrap. Upon exiting the sleek black car, she took a moment to converse with the crew.

Helping hand: J-Lo had a few touch ups by members of the Marry Me crew as they filmed scenes in New York

Lending a hand: While shooting scenes in New York, J-Lo received assistance from the Marry Me team with a few adjustments.

Glamorous: Jennifer looked noting short of sensational as she departed the Atelier Condo Building

Stunning: Jennifer left the Atelier Condo Building looking absolutely amazing.

On location: Jennifer looked well and truly in character as she rushed out of the building while filming in the Big Apple

During filming in New York City, Jennifer appeared completely immersed in her character as she hurriedly exited the building. She looked like she belonged in the scene.

Fashion: The actress looked every inch the film star as she carried the train of her dress

Style: The movie star appeared absolutely stunning as she gracefully handled the long train of her gown.

Movie: Jennifer was surrounded by on-lookers and co-workers as she filmed on the streets of New York

When Jennifer was filming on the streets of New York, she had quite the audience between on-lookers and co-workers! Her fiancé, Rodriquez, proposed during a romantic escape to the Bahamas in March after they had been dating for over two years. Although this will be Jennifer’s fourth marriage, she’s had a few other high-profile relationships in the past. She was briefly engaged to Ben Affleck and had a well-known romance with P. Diddy. Her previous marriages were to Cuban actor Ojani Noa, choreographer Chris Judd, and singer Marc Anthony, who she shares twins Emme and Max with.

Love is in the air! Jennifer can no doubt take inspiration from her head-turning bridal scene, as she is in the midst of wedding preparations with retired pro baseball player fiance, Alex Rodriguez

It seems like Jennifer is in the mood for love! While getting ready for her upcoming nuptials with her fiance, former professional baseball player Alex Rodriguez, she can definitely draw some ideas from her stunning bridal look that turned heads.

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