Miley Cyrus Pays Homage to Shania Twain with a Wild Leopard Print Romper Suit During Performance of “Man! I Feel Like A Woman” with Her Talented Protégés on The Voice

During the recent episode of The Voice, Miley Cyrus showcased her musical abilities by performing a cover of Shania Twain’s well-known hit “Man! I Feel Like a Woman”. The 25-year-old singer, who serves as a coach on the popular singing competition, was joined by her protégés Janice Freeman, Brooke Simpson, and Ashland Craft for the performance. In a nod to the iconic music video that accompanies Shania’s song, Miley donned a leopard print romper suit that highlighted her svelte figure, complemented by fishnet tights for an added edge.

Running wild: Miley Cyrus returned to her country roots as she took to the stage with a cover of Shania Twain classic Man! I Feel Like a Woman during Tuesday evening’s edition of The Voice 

Miley Cyrus showcased her country music roots during her recent appearance on The Voice, where she performed a cover of the classic track, Man! I Feel Like a Woman by Shania Twain. The singer donned a leopard-print ensemble and tinted sunglasses as she belted out the song, originally released by the country legend in 1997. Miley had given her followers a sneak peek into her performance with a selfie earlier in the day, captioning it with the hashtag, #ManIFeelLikeAWoman and mentioning her appearance on The Voice.

Wild thing: Miley Cyrus performed with her singers in a wild leopard print outfit on Tuesday's episode of The Voice

Miley Cyrus made a bold statement during her performance on The Voice, donning a striking leopard print ensemble while singing alongside her backup singers. The wild outfit choice is sure to turn heads and grab attention, showcasing the singer’s unique and daring style.

That looks familiar: Miley paid tribute to Shania's iconic look on Tuesday evening

That looks familiar: Miley paid tribute to Shania's iconic look on Tuesday evening

On Tuesday night, Miley Cyrus paid homage to Shania Twain’s legendary style. The resemblance between the two musicians was striking and caught the attention of many fans.

Here we go: Miley performed the track with protégés Janice Freeman, Brooke Simpson and Ashland Craft.

Let’s take a look: Miley took to the stage and put on an electrifying performance alongside her talented proteges – Janice Freeman, Brooke Simpson, and Ashland Craft.

Looking good: The fitted design served to accentuate her slender physique, while fishnet tights gave the look an edgy flourish

Appearing stylish: Her slim body was highlighted by the fitted outfit, and the addition of fishnet tights provided a cool touch. The vocalist became emotional when her team mate Janice was eliminated from the talent competition. Miley had established a strong bond with the gifted 32-year-old participant and did not hide her feelings. She expressed her admiration, stating that Janice was a fighter, warrior, and role model who truly deserved to stay in the competition. Miley was taken aback by the elimination and professed her love for Janice.

Getting into it: mentor Miley gave it her all as she performed the track with her three teammates 

Miley was fully committed as she took on the track with her trio of mentees.

Hit song: They gave a spirited rendition of Man! I Feel Like a Woman 

The popular tune was performed with great energy and enthusiasm by the musicians. Man! I Feel Like a Woman was given an exciting rendition that got the audience pumped up.

Social media: Miley promoted her group performance on Instagram

Miley utilized her Instagram account to promote the group performance while addressing the viewers at home. She clarified that she wasn’t trying to cry for votes for Janice and expressed her admiration for her as one of her closest friends. Miley praised Janice’s abilities and noted that she supported her without shame. Her belief in heaven was strengthened by people like Janice. Janice, who has been a strong contender from the beginning, was moved to tears by Miley’s words. Janice thanked Miley for being the best thing that had ever happened to her and expressed her gratitude for her friendship. As a cancer survivor from Compton, California, Janice promised to be there for Miley in any way possible.

Close bond: Janice and Miley formed a close bond on the NBC singing competition show

Janice and Miley developed a strong connection during their time on the NBC singing competition program.

Swan song: The cancer survivor engaged in a sing-off to stay on the show

Last night’s episode of the singing competition featured a heart-wrenching moment when Janice, a cancer survivor, was forced to participate in a sing-off to remain on the show. Judge Miley Cyrus was moved to tears as she praised Janice’s performance and expressed her sadness at the thought of her leaving. Ultimately, the fate of Janice and country singer Adam Cunningham rested in the hands of the voting public, who had to decide which performer would move on to the next round.

Bottom two: Adam Cunningham and Janice finished in the bottom two

The last two contestants standing, Adam Cunningham and Janice, found themselves in the bottom two.

A 38-year-old man named Adam from Tennessee performed Lonestar’s “Amazed” before Janice’s rendition of Sia’s “Chandelier.” Although Adam Levine, a huge fan of Janice, didn’t smile when she won a place in the top ten, he stated that talent cannot be fully judged in a competition. Ten other artists also made it to the next round, including Chloe Kohanski, a 23-year-old from Tennessee who sang “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” and was saved by Blake Shelton.

Final eleven: The final 11 singers gathered on the stage at the start of the show

The last set of performers, consisting of 11 talented vocalists, assembled on the stage as the program commenced.

The host: Carson Daly kept the one-hour elimination show moving

Carson Daly, the host of the elimination show, efficiently kept the one-hour program running smoothly. The latest episode saw Addison Agen, a 16-year-old from Indiana and a member of Team Adam, secure a place in the safe zone with her stunning rendition of Joni Mitchell’s 1971 ballad, A Case Of You. Another contestant, Brooke Simpson, a 26-year-old Native American, also made it to the next round with her moving performance of Pink’s hit, What About Us. Her tribute to her tribe was especially poignant, and she expressed how much it meant to be able to represent her culture on national television. After her performance, Brooke ran to hug her coach Miley, thrilled to have been saved from elimination.

First save: Chloe Kohanski of Blake Shelton's team was the first to be saved by viewer voting

The initial save of the night went to Chloe Kohanski, who was a member of Blake Shelton’s team, as determined by the viewers’ votes.

Going through: Brooke Simpson looked shocked when Carson announced she was advancing

Brooke Simpson appeared surprised when Carson declared that she had progressed.

Sweet smile: Addison Agen also made it into the Top 10

Addison Agen’s sweet smile helped her secure a spot in the Top 10, which was greeted with enthusiasm from Miley who exclaimed “Nugget Nation!” while embracing Brooke, who goes by the nickname Chicken Nugget. Jennifer Hudson also had reason to celebrate as Davon Fleming, a charismatic 25-year-old from Baltimore, progressed through the competition. Later, Adam Levine and his team delivered a lively performance of Fleetwood Mac’s classic hit Go Your Own Way.

Next round: Davon Fleming of Jennifer Hudson's team smiled after he advanced

The succeeding phase witnessed Davon Fleming, a member of Jennifer Hudson’s team, beaming with joy as he progressed further.

Group song: Adam Levine teamed up with his singers for a group song

The judges on the singing competition show had an exciting night as Adam Levine collaborated with his singers for a group performance. Blake Shelton was also thrilled when his country music contestant, Red Marlow, advanced to the next round. The backstage clips showed how Red, a 40-year-old from Tennessee, has won over the audience with his comical language like saying ‘I’m as nervous as a chinchilla in a coat factory.’ Additionally, Noah Mac, who is considered the heartthrob of the show, was also saved.

Funny phrases: Red Marlow who uses funny phrases in conversation also advanced

Red Marlow has a great sense of humor and loves to use funny phrases in his conversations. This quality seems to have worked in his favor as he advanced further in the competition. The young Californian, who is only 18 years old, has set his sights on improving and exploring new ideas beyond his comfort zone.

Blake Shelton, who has won The Voice five times, recently had a jamming session with Jennifer Hudson, and they performed his latest single, I’ll Name The Dogs. This must have been an incredible experience for both singers!

Ashland Craft, a country singer from South Carolina, also made it to the top 10 under Miley Cyrus’s team. The 21-year-old expressed her enthusiasm for taking on the world, thanks to the encouragement received from her coach. We can expect great things from this talented girl!

Dynamic duo: Blake and Jennifer teamed up to perform his new song I'll Name The Dogs

Blake and Jennifer have partnered up to give a lively performance of his latest track, titled I’ll Name The Dogs. They make for an energetic duo, charming the audience with their musical talent and captivating stage presence.

Good times: The country star and Oscar winner had fun performing together

It was a great time when the country music sensation and Academy Award winner took the stage together for a performance. Moreover, America rescued Keisha Renee, a 30-year-old singer from California who is part of Team Blake. She ranked second on the country music charts last night and expressed her appreciation for the support and acceptance she’s received from the community. It’s an accomplishment for her since she rarely sees anyone like her on the music charts. Meanwhile, Shi’Ann Jones, a 15-year-old student from Kentucky, made it through with the help of Team J-Hud. Tune in next week for more of The Voice on NBC.

Survival song: Adam Cunningham sang Lonestar by Amazed before the Instant Save

Adam Cunningham performed “Lonestar’s Amazed” in his last-chance performance before the Instant Save.

Small team: Adam was going into the next round with Adam Cunningham and Addison

The team was comprised of a few members, namely Adam, Adam Cunningham, and Addison, who were getting ready for the next round.

Solid team: Noah Mac, Davon and Shi'Ann remained on Jennifer's team

Jennifer can count on a strong trio of contestants, with Noah Mac, Davon, and Shi’Ann all continuing to represent her team.

Strong squad: Blake was going into the next round with Red, Chloe and Keisha Renee

Impressive team: Blake had a formidable lineup comprising of Red, Chloe, and Keisha Renee, for the upcoming round.

Save attempt: The pop star also took to Instagram in a bid to save Janice

In an effort to rescue Janice, the famous singer turned to Instagram as well.

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