“Oops! Jennifer Lawrence’s Intentional Humor Misses the Mark; Apologizes for Controversial Act on Hawaiian Sacred Stones”

Jennifer Lawrence has issued an apology through social media after facing backlash for a story she shared on The Graham Norton Show. She thought the story, about how she shook one of the sacred Hawaiian rocks loose while itching her derriere and almost killed a man, was self-deprecating; however, many people found the story disrespectful to Hawaiian culture. While Jennifer laughed while sharing the story, many viewers turned to Twitter to call out the actress for being insensitive. Jennifer responded by explaining on Facebook that she never intended to offend anyone with her story, but she understands why people are upset.

Mea culpa: Jennifer Lawrence has apologized for an anecdote she recently shared on TV

Oops, Jennifer Lawrence is owning up to her mistake and apologizing for a story she told during a recent TV appearance.

She gets it: She shared the message on Facebook after coming under fire on Twitter

In response to the backlash she received on Twitter, Jennifer posted a message on Facebook to clarify her intentions. She acknowledged that her remarks about being “the curse” may have been perceived as disrespectful towards the Hawaiian people, which was not her intention. The show’s host had brought up Jennifer’s experience of filming on the rocks in Hawaii, and she shared the story of how visitors are not supposed to touch the sacred rocks. Although she was in a wetsuit at the time, Jennifer admitted to using the rocks as a scratching post. When a loose rock almost fell on someone, locals believed that it was a result of the curse from their ancestors.

Whoops... Jennifer was on The Graham Norton Show last week when she explained how she almost killed a man after shaking a sacred boulder loose with her butt

Oh no! Jennifer recently appeared on The Graham Norton Show and shared a hilarious anecdote about how she inadvertently caused a boulder to fall by shaking her bottom. She even confessed that she almost caused harm to someone in the process!

In hot water: Although Jennifer laughed while telling the story, many people took to Twitter to slam the star for her 'disrespect' 

Jennifer found herself in a bit of trouble when she shared a story that caused some backlash on Twitter. Despite her laughter while recounting the tale, many users criticized her for being disrespectful.

How dare she! Many were outraged that Jennifer 'thought it was cute' that she rubbed her derriere on stones that are spiritually sacred to the Hawaiian people 

Jennifer faced backlash when she was caught rubbing her derriere on stones that hold spiritual significance to the Hawaiian community. Though Jennifer found it amusing, her actions were met with outrage from many who found it disrespectful. Despite her insistence that she was actually the curse, Twitter users called her out for her behavior, with one user named Nañi even going so far as to call her ugly and accuse her of intentionally disrespecting a sacred monument. Bolu Babalola echoed these sentiments, stating that Jennifer’s actions were disrespectful to the ancestors the monument represented.

'Monument': The stones that the actress was referring to are thought to be similar to these rocks, which are located in Oahu, near where The Hunger Games was filmed

The actress mentioned a ‘monument’ that seems to be resembling the rocks found in Oahu, where The Hunger Games was shot.

Ready for a chat: Jennifer was joined by her Passengers co-star Chris Pratt and celebrity chef Jamie Oliver when she appeared on the show last Friday 

Let’s chat: Jennifer had some company on her recent appearance on the show as her Passengers co-star Chris Pratt and famous chef Jamie Oliver joined her for a casual conversation last Friday.

What's worse? This Twitter user was upset with the actress for numerous reasons 

Which is more unfavorable? The Twitter user expressed their disappointment with the actress due to various factors.

Making her point: A woman named Claudia said Jennifer's story is 'a metaphor for white people recklessly s******g on foreign cultures' 

Claudia recently commented that Jennifer’s account is comparable to white people carelessly damaging foreign cultures. Meanwhile, Alison Willmore pointed out that Jennifer had recounted a similar story on Live with Kelly and Michael three years ago. To support her point, she also shared the video clip. However, not everyone found Jennifer’s story funny when she repeated it.

'Oh God, how do you know about this?' Jennifer was caught off guard when Graham asked her about one incident during filming on The  Hunger Games in Hawaii

Jennifer was taken aback when Graham brought up a particular incident during their time filming The Hunger Games in Hawaii and exclaimed, “How on earth did you find out about that?”

Way harsh: Another woman named T.J. shared a series of memes while calling the star 'trash' 

Wow, that was really harsh! It looks like T.J. didn’t hold back when expressing her negative feelings towards the celebrity, as she went as far as sharing some memes that refer to them as ‘trash’.

'Not okay': Courtney Ocheltree tweeted that people were going too far with their anger

Courtney Ocheltree took to Twitter to express her concern about the extreme anger directed towards Jennifer Lawrence over her comments regarding the sacred Hawaiian rocks. While some Twitter users criticized Lawrence for her insensitive behavior, others believed that the violent language used against her was going too far. Ocheltree acknowledged that Lawrence’s comments may have been ignorant, but emphasized that wishing death upon her is not acceptable. Overall, the situation highlights the need for greater cultural sensitivity and awareness.

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