“Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez: A Chic Bob and Trendy Striped Sweater Dress Steal the Show at Sephora Times Square Launch”

On Thursday, Selena Gomez was busy promoting her makeup brand Rare Beauty in New York City. The popular singer visited Sephora Times Square to showcase her brand’s products and strike a pose for the cameras. With a chic bob reminiscent of the 1920s flapper style, Selena tried out her products in front of the mirror.

Sensation: Selena Gomez was hard at work this Thursday promoting her makeup line Rare Beauty in New York City

Selena Gomez was spotted in New York City on Thursday, hard at work promoting her makeup line Rare Beauty. The singer and actress looked stunning in a color-blocked red, white, and black striped sweater dress that showed off her shoulder. She added some extra sparkle to her outfit with a pair of gleaming hoop earrings and a megawatt smile. Selena finished off her look with a pair of black knee-high boots, a navy coat, and a white Miu Miu bag. Before heading into Sephora, Selena posed for some photos in Times Square in front of her own ad playing on a screen above the store.

Place to be: The 29-year-old pop act could be seen swinging by Sephora Times Square to pose up a storm at her brand's display

The 29-year-old musician visited Sephora Times Square and struck poses at her brand’s exhibit.

Her own best advert: Wearing her hair in a sleek little bob redolent of the flappers of the 1920s, she could be seen trying on some of her product in the mirror

As she gazed at her reflection in the mirror, her hair styled in a chic bob reminiscent of the glamorous flappers from the 1920s, she showcased her own merchandise by trying them on. She was a living endorsement of her products.

In February 2020, the talented singer Come And Get It made an announcement on Twitter about the launch of Rare Beauty. In her ad, she emphasized the significance of being unique and comfortable in one’s skin, declaring that she no longer strives for perfection and just wants to be herself. Selena is currently starring in the Hulu sitcom Only Murders In The Building alongside Steve Martin and Martin Short. Some rumors about her dating co-star Aaron Dominguez arose as they were spotted getting close during a shoot, but it turned out to be just a scene being filmed.

What a look: She slipped into a color-block red, white and black striped sweater dress that went fashionably off the shoulder at one side

Her attire was quite eye-catching. She wore a sweater dress with color-blocks of red, white and black, which had an off-shoulder design on one side, making it a trendy outfit.

Radiant: Adding a touch of glitz to her look with a pair of gleaming hoop earrings, she flashed her megawatt smile while at Sephora

She jazzed up her appearance by donning some sleek hoop earrings that shone brightly, grinning from ear to ear as she strolled through Sephora.

When Selena first started working with her colleagues, she joked to the Los Angeles Times that she understood why guys weren’t interested in dating her. She believes that people are only interested in her personal life because of her age and hopes that as she grows older, they will care less. Although she doesn’t enjoy the media scrutiny, Selena is thankful for not being romantically involved with anyone right now. Her latest project has been well-received by critics, earning a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Selena rounded off the look with a pair of nearly knee-high black boots, accessorizing with a navy coat and a white Miu Miu bag

To complete her outfit, Selena slicked on a pair of black boots that reached almost to her knees. She paired these with a smart navy coat and a stylish white Miu Miu handbag.

Meta: Before entering the store she stood out in Times Square and threw her arms festively out while posing in front of her own ad playing on a screen above Sephora

As she was about to enter the store, she couldn’t resist the urge to celebrate her achievement by striking a pose in front of her very own advertisement playing on a screen above Sephora at Times Square.

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