Selena Gomez and The Weeknd’s Date Night: A Tense Evening for the Couple

In January of this year, rumors circulated that Selena Gomez was romantically involved with R&B singer The Weeknd (also known as Abel Tesfaye). The couple was later seen enjoying a romantic trip to Florence. Recently, Gomez and Tesfaye were spotted leaving Rao’s restaurant in Spanish Harlem, New York while holding hands. Despite their public display of affection, the couple appeared unhappy. Rao’s is known for being an exclusive restaurant that only seats a small number of well-connected diners at a time.

Date night: Selena Gomez, 24, stepped out for a date night with The Weeknd - A.K.A Abel Tesfaye, 27 - as they left Rao's restaurant in Spanish Harlem, New York on Tuesday

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd, whose real name is Abel Tesfaye, were seen leaving Rao’s restaurant in Spanish Harlem, New York on Tuesday after a date night. Although the couple put on a tactile display, they looked downcast and failed to raise a smile. Abel walked ahead with his eyes fixed on the horizon while Selena trailed behind him holding his hand. Despite their mood, a source revealed that Selena is completely smitten with Abel.

Something getting you down? The couple put on a tactile display, but looked decidedly downcast as they failed to raise a smile

Feeling blue? While the couple appeared affectionate, their expressions portrayed a sense of sadness as they were unable to muster up a grin.

Eyes on the prize: With his eyes firmly planted on the horizon, 27-year-old Abel strode on determinedly, with Selena trailing behind him clutching his hand

Focusing on the goal, Abel, a 27-year-old man, confidently walked forward with Selena holding his hand from behind. Their love is now at a mature level, as revealed by an insider from E!, stating that Selena has discovered her true identity and source of happiness with Abel. During their outing, Selena wore an elegant satin negligee dress that highlighted her bust and let her brown locks flow down her shoulders. Abel opted for an edgy patterned zipped sweatshirt paired with a black T-shirt and layered it with a chain necklace. As they left, Selena took a photo with a young fan, hugging the child with a smile on her face.

Gorgeous: Selena looked beautiful in a satin negligee style gown, which teased at her bust, and let her brunette tresses cascade down her shoulders

Stunning: Selena was absolutely breathtaking in a luxurious satin gown that had a graceful negligee style. The dress tantalizingly showed off her bust while allowing her luscious brunette locks to flow freely down her shoulders.

Loved-up: . Abel looked trendy in an edgy patterned zipped sweatshirt over a black T-shirt. A source recently told E! News that Selena is 'head over heels in love with Abel'

Smitten: Abel appeared fashionable donning a cool, patterned zip-up hoodie on top of a sleek black tee. According to a recent insider from E! News, Selena is completely infatuated with Abel.

Lucky girl! As the pair left, a young fan was lucky enough to get a photo with Selena, who threw her arms around the youngster and smiled

How fortunate! A young fan had the chance to take a photo with Selena, who hugged her and smiled as they posed for the picture. The beginning of Selena and Abel’s relationship was complicated by the fact that he previously dated Bella Hadid, whose sister Gigi was said to be close to Selena. Bella ended her two-year relationship with Abel in November, and just two months later, Abel was seen with Selena. At the end of November, Bella and Abel had an uncomfortable encounter at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Paris, where Bella walked the runway and Abel performed live.

Former flame: Abel previously dated Bella Hadid - whose sister, Gigi, was reported to be close to Selena. They split in November after dating for two years (Pictured at the 58th Grammy Awards, February 2016)

Abel, who had a romantic relationship with Bella Hadid before, has been in the news lately. It is worth noting that Selena and Gigi Hadid were reported to be close friends. Abel and Bella broke up in November after being together for two years. The photo shows them together at the 58th Grammy Awards held in February 2016.

Awkward moment: They were reunited briefly at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Paris at the end of November in an awkward encounter where Bella walked the runway and he performed live

It was quite an awkward moment when Bella and her ex-boyfriend met at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Paris. The encounter took place towards the end of November, during which Bella was busy walking down the runway while he performed live.

In the past, Selena had a well-known romantic relationship with Justin Bieber, which ended for good three years ago. But despite their separation, Selena recently gave Justin accolades for his heartfelt performance at Ariana Grande’s One Love Manchester concert aimed at supporting victims of the Manchester terrorist attack. On Sirius XM Morning Mash Up on Monday, Selena described Justin’s performance as “really beautiful,” indicating that they have settled their differences and maintained a friendly relationship.

Old love: Selena was famously involved in a years-long relationship with Justin Bieber before they parted ways for good three years ago (Pictured at the EMAs, April 2012)

Selena and Justin Bieber were once an item for several years before ending their relationship for good in the past three years. Their love story was widely known and talked about in the media. They were seen together at various events, including the EMAs in April 2012.

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