“Selena Gomez Stuns in a Sleek Black Ensemble as Hailey Bieber Sets the Record Straight on Her Song’s Inspiration”

Hailey, the spouse of Justin Bieber, was seen listening to a song called “I’ll Kill You” shortly after a new track assumed to be about Bieber was released. Meanwhile, Selena Gomez seemed unaffected by the situation as she confidently attended a meeting in Burbank wearing a black suit and strappy heels. Despite the possible connections, the singer didn’t let it affect her.

She means business! Selena Gomez was shrugging off the cryptic coincidences while heading to a meeting in Burbank on Wednesday

On Wednesday, Selena Gomez was seen heading to a meeting in Burbank with a strong sense of determination. The pop star accessorized her look with a chic white handbag and a beautiful pearl choker necklace. Her hair was styled in soft, flowing waves that added a romantic touch to her overall appearance. Selena’s makeup was flawlessly done, with a lovely rosy blush and smoky eye shadow that matched her outfit perfectly. It was clear that the actress was feeling confident and self-assured, and for good reason. After taking a four-year hiatus from the spotlight to focus on her health, Selena has just released new music, signaling her triumphant return. With this exciting news, it’s safe to say that Selena is back and better than ever!

Maker and shaker: The actress definitely looked as though she was feeling herself, and for good reason - she had just released some new music following a four year break to focus on her health

The famous personality exuded a strong sense of self-confidence, and it’s not unexpected considering she just dropped new tracks after taking a break for four years to focus on her health and wellness.

Coincidence? Fans started speculating Hailey was directly responding to Selena when she revealed she was listening to the song, I'll Kill You

There is a lot of speculation among fans that Hailey might have intended to throw shade at Selena Gomez by sharing on social media that she was listening to the song “I’ll Kill You.” This timing is particularly interesting because Selena had just released her new track, “Lose You To Love Me,” a few hours before. In the lyrics of her song, Selena seems to be referencing her past relationship with Justin Bieber and how quickly he moved on to Hailey after their break up. Could Hailey’s choice of song be a subtle way of contributing to the ongoing drama between the two pop stars? Only time will tell.

Man and wife: Bieber rekindled his relationship with his now-wife Hailey shortly after the end of his relationship with Gomez

After splitting up with Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber rekindled his romance with Hailey, who is now his spouse. Recently, Hailey shared a screenshot of herself listening to the newly released track “I’ll Kill You” by Summer Walker. This led to rumors that the post might be a response to Selena’s latest song. Fans speculated that Hailey was indirectly throwing shade at Selena. One Twitter user even commented on the coincidence, “Selena Gomez released a song about her life experiences with an ex and leaving him behind (Justin Bieber, now married to Hailey Baldwin), and like 5 minutes later, Hailey Baldwin posted this. It’s not the first time she’s shaded her and probably not the last.”

Hmm...: Twitter users began speculating if Hailey was directly responding to Gomez's new song

The internet was full of gossip that Hailey Baldwin had given a reply to Selena Gomez’s latest song, which led Twitter users to speculate on the subject. One person even shared that they had never believed any of the negative things they’d heard about Hailey until this point. To clear things up, Hailey decided to speak out on Instagram and make it clear that the song wasn’t actually aimed at Selena. She asked everyone to refrain from spreading these kinds of rumors and deemed it all “complete BS” in a comment she later deleted from a post about the situation.

Denial: Bieber insisted the track was not a response to Lose You To Love Me

Bieber has refuted claims that his music was a response to Lose You To Love Me.

Reaction: Fans reacted to Hailey's denial on Instagram

Hailey’s recent Instagram post where she refuted certain claims has stirred up a reaction from her followers.

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