“Selena Gomez turns heads in a gorgeous burgundy dress during NeueHouse event for Only Murders In the Building marketing”

Selena Gomez recently made an appearance at a promotional event for Hulu’s Only Murders In The Building, where she showcased a different fashion style with darker colors. The actress was seen leaving NeueHouse after a press event wearing a burgundy dress that hugged her body perfectly. The good news is that the show has been renewed for a second season. Selena also took a moment to sign autographs for her fans before leaving the venue under the protection of her security team.

Building momentum: Selena Gomez left a press event at NeueHouse in a figure-hugging bordeaux dress as it was revealed the show will be renewed for a second season

When news broke out that the show will be renewed for another season, Selena Gomez was seen leaving a press event at NeueHouse wearing a beautiful bordeaux dress. The show seems to be gaining momentum and fans are excited. Selena looked stunning in a burgundy knit gown with criss-cross detailing on the bust and buttons running down the leg. She left the exclusive workspace in Hollywood with her ample cleavage on display and stepped into a pair of black mules with striking blood-red soles. Her tousled brown hair had a reddish hue, which complemented her flawless porcelain skin and subtle makeup. Selena waved and smiled, carrying only a sleek black YSL bag with a few Snickers bars inside- her essential belongings for the day.

Sophisticated: Selena flashed a generous amount of cleavage while strolling out of the members only work space in Hollywood in a pair of black mules with blood red soles

Details: Selena's look for the day included a knit gown in a rich burgundy shade that featured buttons up the leg and criss-cross detail at the bust

Selena strolled out of a luxurious Hollywood office while sporting some black mules that had striking red soles, revealing ample cleavage.

Side shot: Glimpsed in a black YSL bag she toted were a few Snickers bars to keep her energy up during a long day

Upon a brief examination of Selena Gomez’s YSL bag, it was apparent that she had brought along a couple of Snickers bars to sustain her energy throughout the day. Later on, she walked towards a group of her loyal supporters, who were eagerly waiting to catch a glimpse of their favorite celebrity. Despite having security personnel nearby, she took some time to sign autographs and pose for photographs with her fans before continuing on her way. Only Murders In the Building, the murder mystery series that stars Gomez alongside Martin Short and Steve Martin, was renewed for a second season in mid-September after the first season ended with a cliffhanger. Gomez is all set to return to her role as Mabel, one of the hilarious podcasting trio at the center of the show.

Fan frenzy: With security standing by she signed some autographs and posed for some photos before heading on her way

Fans were thrilled to meet and greet her, eagerly seeking autographs and selfies with the celebrity. Despite the presence of security personnel to maintain order, the enthusiastic fans didn’t hold back from expressing their love and admiration. Following the brief interaction, she went on her way.

Selenators: A group of her 'Selenators' were seen snapping photos and bearing material for the pop star to sign

A group of enthusiastic supporters, who go by the name ‘Selenators’, were seen snapping photos and holding up various items for the renowned songstress to sign.

Up close: The Texas born beauty flashed a soft smile while posing for a photo

Taking a closer glance: The charming woman from Texas wore a subtle smile while posing for a photo.

Safety first: Amid the pile of people she was seen with a face mask around her neck which she removed briefly for the photo ops

Putting Safety First: In a crowded setting, she was seen with a face mask hanging around her neck and only removed it briefly for a photo op. A popular streamer expressed their excitement for the upcoming season, which will feature the return of the trio. The show’s creator teased big plans for season two, including guest appearances by Jane Lynch and Tina Fey. Selena Gomez’s love life has been the subject of fan speculation lately, particularly rumors that she’s dating Chris Evans. However, these rumors appear to be unfounded and are mostly based on his social media activity. Despite this, a new round of gossip started when some viewers noticed a reflection of a brunette in the background of a video featuring Captain America playing the piano.

Look of love? Recently Selena's love life has been a hot topic, with fans convinced she's dating Chris Evans, though the baseless claims were largely sparked by him following her on social media

Lately, Selena’s love life has been a hot topic among fans who are curious about her relationship status. Rumors have been circulating that she could be romantically linked to Chris Evans, but there is no evidence to support this claim. The only basis for these rumors seem to be the fact that he recently started following her on social media.

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