“Stunning Silver: Angelina Jolie Sparkles at Rome Film Festival Debut of ‘Eternals’ Alongside Her Daughters”

Angelina Jolie once again grabbed the attention of the paparazzi as she made an appearance at the 16th Rome Film Festival screening of her upcoming movie, The Eternals. Along with her two daughters Shiloh and Zahara, the renowned actress walked the star-studded red carpet and posed for photos with the journalists. Angelina, who is 46 years old, chose to wear a stunning silver gown with a unique strapless feature, making sure all eyes were on her during this promotional event for her latest Marvel project.

Centre of attention: Angelina Jolie once again claimed the spotlight as she attended the 16th Rome Film Festival screening of her new film The Eternals in the Italian capital on Sunday evening

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Centre of attention: Angelina Jolie once again claimed the spotlight as she attended the 16th Rome Film Festival screening of her new film The Eternals in the Italian capital on Sunday evening

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Centre of attention: Angelina Jolie once again claimed the spotlight as she attended the 16th Rome Film Festival screening of her new film The Eternals in the Italian capital on Sunday evening

On Sunday evening, Angelina Jolie made a stunning appearance at the 16th Rome Film Festival screening of her newest movie, The Eternals, in Rome. She effortlessly captivated everyone’s attention once again.

In good company: The celebrated actress was accompanied by daughters Shiloh, 15, and Zahara, 16, as she greeted a wave of photographers after making her way onto the star-studded red carpet

Angelina Jolie graced the star-studded red carpet with her daughters, 15-year-old Shiloh and 16-year-old Zahara. The trio looked absolutely stunning in their red-carpet attire, with Zahara opting for a beautiful Grecian-inspired white gown while Shiloh rocked a black knee-length dress paired with trendy yellow animal print high-tops. Kit Harington, who portrays Dane Whitman in the highly-anticipated superhero film, also made a dapper appearance on the red carpet.

Glam: Both daughters looked gorgeous in their red-carpet attire

Can we have a peek at the exhibition?

Different styles: Zahara opted for a white, Grecian-inspired gown while Shiloh chose a black knee-length frock

The gallery display showcases the gorgeous red carpet looks of two daughters who stole the show. Zahara went for a timeless Grecian vibe, donning an elegant white gown, while Shiloh opted for a chic black knee-length dress. Both looked stunning and turned heads.

Divine: Angelina's gown boasted a subtle train

Would you mind checking out these images?

Gorgeous: It also featured faux-wrap detailing

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Sensational: Angelina's shimmering strapless gown clung to her phenomenal frame

Angelina appeared absolutely stunning in a glittery, sleeveless gown that accentuated her breathtaking physique. The dress had a delicate train and faux-wrap embellishments.

Team: Angelina and her two daughters held hands as they strolled down the red carpet

Shall we take a look at the art display?

Making memories: The three women looked happy to be at the event together

Angelina Jolie and her two daughters made a charming appearance as they sauntered down the red carpet, hand in hand. The Marvel movie Eternals featured big names like Salma Hayek and Angelina Jolie. One of the Game of Thrones stars donned a black double-breasted suit with a unique buckle detail for the occasion. Richard Madden and Kit Harington both looked sharp in their classic black suits as they graced the red carpet. Gemma Chan flaunted her toned abs in a matching black crop top and maxi skirt, topping it off with a bedazzled head wrap.

Red carpet queen: Angelina showed off her perfect poses as she struck confident stances

Hey, would you mind checking out the gallery for me?

Elegant: She oozed elegance while standing in her jaw-dropping gown

Is it possible for you to have a glance at the gallery?

Star: The actress commanded attention as she stopped for photographers

With poise and confidence, Angelina strutted down the red carpet showcasing her impeccable poses, earning herself the coveted title of “queen of the red carpet.”

Sensational: The actress completed her sleek ponytail with an embellished head wrap

It’s amazing to see how Gemma Chan flaunted her well-defined abs in a stylish black crop top paired with a matching maxi skirt.

Star-studded: Angelina posed with Kit Harington, Chloe Zhao, Gemma Chan and Richard Madden

In a glitzy gathering, Angelina was captured on camera with a group of famous faces including Kit Harington, Chloe Zhao, Gemma Chan, and Richard Madden.

Fan favourite: Richard waves to fans who turned out to see the stars arrived at the screening

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Brooding: The actor was photographed while in his smart suit at the event

In this article, we delve into the unique fashion sense and individual preferences of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, who is the offspring of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Reports suggest that Brad admires Shiloh for being true to herself while also being a good sibling. On the other hand, Angelina has expressed her views on Shiloh’s androgynous style of dressing and that she identifies herself as one of the brothers. Shiloh is often seen sporting Montenegro-inspired outfits and has a fondness for tracksuits and regular suits. It was disclosed in 2008 that Shiloh had asked people to refer to her as John since the age of two.

Smart dress: Harington hit the red carpet with a black shirt under his smart coat, wearing the sleeves rolled down

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Red carpet look: The Game Of Thrones star completed his look with a trimmed beard and mustache and swept his hair back with plenty of product

Take a look at these awesome photos! Harry totally slayed the red carpet by teaming up his sleek coat with a black shirt. His stylish look was accentuated by his rolled-up sleeves.

Beauty: Gemma looked incredible with her unusual headpiece adding extra drama to her ensemble

The collection of pictures showcases the beauty of Gemma, who looked absolutely stunning with a one-of-a-kind headpiece that added more flair to her attire.

Less is more: Angelina accessorised her statement gown with chunky silver earrings and rings

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Sleek: She opted to forgo wearing a necklace or any bracelets

Angelina opted for a minimalist approach by accessorizing her statement gown with only chunky silver earrings and rings.

Flawless: Angelina's dress cinched in at her waist while elegantly covering her assets

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Divine: She oozed elegance while posing on the red carpet

Could you possibly have a look at these images?

Incredible: The star looked incredible im her stand-out gown

Check out this stunning snapshot of Angelina Jolie in a flattering, cinched dress that accentuates her figure and leaves just enough to the imagination.

Cosy: Richard and Gemma looked very cosy as they posed together on the red carpet

Hey, would you mind checking out these photos?

Affectionate: With Richard's hand wrapped around Gemma's waist, the affection between the pair was clear

In the photo, Richard and Gemma appear relaxed and at ease as they stand side by side on the red carpet. Their close connection is evident as they exude a comfortable and cozy vibe.

What a pair! The duo looked amazing together as they stood together while photographers took multiple shots

Posing for several photos together, the couple appeared stunning. During an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Brad disclosed that his daughter prefers to be referred to as John or Peter, which he attributed to her fondness for Peter Pan. As a result, they refer to her as John, which he acknowledged may be endearing to parents but perhaps bothersome to others. Angelina had previously mentioned that there was no deeper meaning behind their child’s name preference.

Beauty: Angelina's natural beauty was enhanced with a light dusting of make-up

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Gorgeous: Her raven tresses were styled sleek and straight

The gallery view showed Angelina looking stunning with a subtle application of makeup that enhanced her natural beauty. Her sleek and straight black hair added to her overall elegance.

Fun with mum: Zahara, Angelina and Shiloh shared a laugh while holding hands

Having a Blast with Mom: Zahara, Angelina, and Shiloh were in fits of laughter as they clutched each other’s hands.

Happy lady: Angelina flashed a smile between pouting for photographers

May I have a look at the collection of pictures, please?

Smiler: The actress looked happy as ever at the star-studded event

Angelina flashed a grin as she stood for the camera, projecting a cheerful attitude even though the photographers were sulking.

Jokers: Richard and Kit couldn't hide their laughter as they took to the stage with their co-stars at the event

Richard and Kit struggled to contain their laughter on stage alongside their fellow cast members at the event. Angelina spoke to The Daily Mail and expressed her opinion that it’s unfair for the world to make assumptions about her daughter’s choices simply based on her style. Despite dressing and cutting her hair in a traditionally masculine fashion, Angelina emphasized that her daughter is much more than just her appearance – she possesses a delightful sense of humor, a kind disposition, and a lovely countenance. Angelina has been drawing attention to her new movie Eternals at the film festival in Italy while Kumail Nanjiani made an appearance with his spouse Emily during the movie’s premiere.

Stage time: Angelina lifted her floor-length frock as she made her way up onto the stage

Have a look at the assortment of pictures.

Princess mode: She resembled a Disney princess as she delicately lifted the matierial with her fingers

Angelina wowed the audience when she stepped onto the stage, lifting her long dress as she made her way to perform. The moment was unforgettable and left a lasting impression on everyone in the gallery view.

Leading ladies: Angelina and co-star Gemma walked onto stage at the screening in Rome

In the gallery view, Angelina and her co-star Gemma were seen walking up on stage during the screening held in Rome.

Dazzling: Angelina drew attention as she strolled along the red carpet in her dazzling gown

Hey, would you mind checking out the gallery for me?

Stunning: The star looked incredible as photographer's lights flashed at her

Angelina stole the spotlight with her exquisite dress as she made her way down the red carpet. It was hard not to notice her as she exuded elegance and grace with every step.

In demand: Italian press clambered to get an interview with the Hollywood star

The Italian press was keen on securing an interview with the famous Hollywood star.

Tatts gorgeous: Angelina showed off her intricate back tattoos on her strapless dress

Check out these pictures.

Inked: As she waved, more of her tattoos could be seen

Have a look at these amazing tattoos! Angelina showed off her beautifully detailed back tattoos while sporting a dress without any straps.

What a line-up! Angelina happily posed with her Eternals co-stars at the movie's screen in Rome

Have a look at this breathtaking snapshot of Angelina beaming with joy alongside her co-stars from the blockbuster movie “Eternals” during a screening event in Rome. “Eternals” is a sensational Marvel flick that revolves around a fictional humanoid species of the same name, which first appeared in American comic books. The movie narrates the story of the Eternals, an immortal race of extraterrestrials who emerge from seclusion after thousands of years to safeguard Earth from their malevolent counterparts, the Deviants. The film, which had its grand premiere in Los Angeles earlier this month, features Angelina as the accomplished warrior Thena and Gemma as the character Sersi.

Glam: Shiloh wore a dress for the first time on the red carpet on Monday (pictured here second from the right)

On Monday, Shiloh graced the red carpet and caught everyone’s attention as she rocked a dress for the very first time. The second photo from the right in the gallery portrayed her looking absolutely glamorous.

Box office smash? Angelina has been promoting the new film Eternals at the film festival in the Italian city which is set to be released November 5th

Did Angelina Jolie attend a film festival in an Italian city to promote the soon-to-be-released movie Eternals? Could it be that the film has broken box office records? Eternals is scheduled to hit theaters on November 5th.

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