“The Power of Women: Jennifer Lopez Talks Family Inspiration and Heat in New Promise Ads”

Jennifer Lopez has recently been promoting her latest fragrance, Promise, following the success of her debut scent, Glow, in 2002. The name Promise was drawn from a wise counsel given by legendary financier Warren Buffet, who encouraged the singer to view her brand as a commitment to her fans. In an exclusive interview with DailyMail.com on Wednesday, the superstar, now 50 years old, shared that the women in her family are the source of her resilience and determination to persevere in the entertainment industry.

Sensational: Jennifer Lopez is plugging her new fragrance after launching her first scent, Glow, in 2002. The perfume is called Promise, which was inspired from the advice financier Warren Buffet gave her years ago: that her brand is a promise to her fans

Exciting news! Jennifer Lopez has just released a brand new fragrance, following her successful debut perfume, Glow, back in 2002. The latest scent is called Promise, and it was inspired by some valuable advice given to her by the renowned financial expert, Warren Buffet. Apparently, he encouraged J.Lo to think of her brand as a promise to her fans, and that became the driving force behind this exciting new fragrance launch.

Girl power: On Wednesday the 50-year-old siren talked exclusively to DailyMail.com about her life behind that 'promise' as she admits it is the women in her family that give her 'strength' and make her want to 'keep going'

In an exclusive interview with DailyMail.com on Wednesday, the 50-year-old icon Jennifer Lopez shared about the women in her family who provide her with strength and motivation to keep moving forward. Lopez revealed that the daily display of strength from her mother, sisters, and daughter is what keeps her going. When asked about who inspires her, she didn’t hesitate to respond that it’s her mother, sisters, and daughter. Guadalupe, Lopez’s mother, who raised her in the Bronx. Her sisters include Lynda Lopez, a journalist and radio personality, and Leslie, a homemaker. The singer’s 11-year-old daughter Emme, along with son Max and Alex’s daughters Ella and Natasha, also play a significant role in her life.

Sister Lynda: Here the star is seen with her sibling in April

Sister Leslie: Jenny put her hand on he sister's tummy in 2004

The renowned dancer from World Of Dance, seen in the company of her sister Lynda in April, and captured with her sister Leslie in 2004 on the right.

Her mommy! With mother Guadalupe on ABC's The View in 2018

Oh, it’s her mom! Guadalupe appeared on ABC’s The View alongside her daughter in 2018.

All getting along: Here Jennifer is seen with fiance Alex Rodriguez as well as his ex Cynthia and her new beau. The children are: Jen's two kids Max and Emme and Alex and Cynthia's daughters Natasha and Ella

The celebrity couple, Jennifer and Alex, were spotted with his ex Cynthia and her new partner, along with their children. The blended family seemed to be getting along well. During her early years in Hollywood, the singer Jennifer faced challenging times, and she sought comfort in her family, especially her mother and sisters. Being a devoted mother to her two children is the most important role for Jennifer, and she prioritizes their needs before anything else, even if it means traveling frequently. She supports her daughter Emme’s interest in singing and believes that she can achieve anything with passion and determination. Jennifer expresses her pride in performing a duet with her daughter during a recent tour.

Girls rule: Jennifer also said that the people who inspire her most are in her family: ' My mother, sisters, and daughter. 'The strength I see in each and every one of them every day is what keeps me going'

According to Jennifer, girls are ruling the world. She added that her family members, including her mother, sisters, and daughter, inspire her the most. The resilience she witnesses in each of them on a daily basis is what motivates her to keep pushing forward.

Family is everything: And when she had a tough time in her 20s when starting out in Hollywood she turned to them. 'I leaned on my family,' said the siren, whose breakout role was Selena

The significance of family cannot be overstated. During her early days in Hollywood, when she encountered challenges in her 20s, she sought comfort in her loved ones. The starlet relied on her family for support. Her breakout performance was in the role of Selena.

Thanks Warren! As far as her latest perfume, she was careful with choosing the name. 'When we started to think of the concept for my next perfume I kept going back to the phrase “a brand is a promise” something that Warren Buffet told me at dinner a few years back'

Warren received a thank-you from Jennifer Lopez for his advice on the concept of her latest perfume. She carefully chose the name based on a phrase he had shared with her during dinner some years ago, “a brand is a promise.” J.Lo wants to pass on the value of hard work to her children, emphasizing that it pays off and that it’s important to find something they love doing and are passionate about. She believes making mistakes is natural, but rising above them and growing is what makes it all worthwhile. The actress, currently filming “Marry Me” with Owen Wilson, shared that turning 50 was an opportunity for her, rather than a hindrance, and encourages others to adopt this mindset.

Motto: And she wants her kids to know that doing a good job is a priority. 'Hard work pays off. Find something you love doing and are passionate about, and don’t stop until you accomplish your goals. It is OK to make mistakes, but it’s how you come back from them and grow that makes it all worth it in the end,' said the pinup

The pinup is determined to instill the value of hard work in her kids, prioritizing doing a good job. She advises finding a passion and persevering until reaching one’s goals. Mistakes are acceptable as long as one learns from them and grows. The pinup is excited for what’s to come in her career and family life. In choosing the name for her latest perfume, she was inspired by Warren Buffet’s quote “a brand is a promise.” She believes that everything she releases should be a promise and decided to name her fragrance Promise at this point in her life.

A stretch: Jenny talked the bottle's design. 'The bottle is inspired by the many facets in a woman’s life. There are so many strong women that juggle being entrepreneurs, moms, wives, daughters, and so on, so we designed the bottle to reflect this'

During a conversation, Jenny shared her inspiration behind the design of a bottle. She explained that the design was influenced by the different roles that women play in their lives such as being entrepreneurs, moms, wives, and daughters. The bottle is meant to reflect the versatility of women. Additionally, Jenny mentioned that the fragrance of the product has both floral and woodsy notes that make the wearer feel attractive. When asked about her backstage beauty essentials, she emphasized the importance of a good moisturizer due to her frequent travels. She revealed that her team always ensures that her favorite moisturizer is readily available to prevent her skin from getting dry.

At the big launch: She wore a white suit to celebrate Promise

During the grand launch, Promise celebrated wearing a white suit. The nominee for Independent Spirit also shared her thoughts on Hustlers, a film she starred in. Promise revealed that filming for Hustlers was an empowering experience for her. It was a unique role that required her to expose herself completely in front of dozens of crew members and extras and dance. Despite the vulnerability, it felt liberating to put herself out there in every aspect, physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

The actress further commented on the experience of working with Constance Wu, Lili Reinhart, and Cardi B, stating that it was unlike any other movie she had worked on before. She particularly appreciated the diversity both in front of and behind the camera, which made it possible for them to bring this incredible story to life.

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