“The Unforeseen Fashion Blunder of Selena Gomez: Sheer Little Black Dress Causes Double Wardrobe Fail on Dinner Date with The Weeknd in NYC”

During a recent dinner in New York, Selena Gomez may have made an uncharacteristic fashion faux pas, stealing the limelight from her boyfriend The Weeknd. The singer chose to go sans bra in a beautiful semi-sheer black gown that accentuated her curves. However, due to the restaurant’s bright light, the gown turned transparent, causing an unexpected wardrobe malfunction. Despite this mishap, Gomez continued to look gorgeous and turn heads throughout the evening.

Oops! Selena Gomez decided to go braless in an asymetric black gown during a date night with The Weeknd in New York on Tuesday

Uh-oh! Selena Gomez decided to skip wearing a bra on her night out with The Weeknd in New York City on Tuesday. She looked absolutely stunning in her black, figure-hugging dress that accentuated all her curves and had a shimmery strap on one side. However, the fabric of the dress was too sheer and couldn’t keep up with the bright camera flashes. This situation became even worse when she got into the car with her boyfriend because the dress turned completely see-through. Unfortunately, Selena’s backside covered only by a thong was exposed for everyone to see as she left the place, which was quite embarrassing for her.

Awks! The saucy popstrel, 24, certainly stood out in the racy asymmetric dress, which clung to her curves perfectly- but suffered an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction when it went translucent under the spotlight

Oh no! The feisty songstress, who is 24 years old, had a wardrobe malfunction when her attire became see-through due to the intense stage lighting.

Nipping out: However she certainly stood out in the racy asymmetric dress, which clung to her curves perfectly- but

Despite her daring outfit, Selena Gomez managed to pull off a sophisticated look effortlessly. Her dress was designed with an asymmetrical high-low hemline that brought out her toned legs, while the sleek high ponytail she wore drew attention to her striking almond eyes accentuated by bold eyeliner. A subtle nude lipstick completed her look, and she complemented it with stiletto heels, which made her legs appear even longer. As they left the event together, Selena and her partner held hands, looking deeply in love.

Oh no! The thin material proved particularly susceptible to the flashlights, and became transparent under the click of the cameras

Rear view: To make matters worse, as she clambered into the waiting car following her dinner date with her beau, she suffered the same fate

Oops! The fragile material couldn’t withstand the intense glare of the flashlights, making it transparent as soon as the cameras started clicking.

Mooning: The dress became completely see-through, Selena's thong-clad pert posterior was on full display as she exited the venue

When Selena exited the venue, her attire became see-through and exposed her posterior, which was covered by a thong, to onlookers. However, Abel Tesfaye, her Canadian beau, was appropriately dressed in a green jacket, jeans, trainers, and a baseball cap to stay warm. After finishing a long concert in the city, the 27-year-old singer likely wanted a peaceful meal without any disruptions. An insider from E! News disclosed that Selena is completely smitten with Abel.

Distracting: The Canadian warbler may have struggled to concentrate on his steak tartare with Selena sitting opposite

The mere sight of Selena seated in front could have distracted a Canadian warbler from indulging in its scrumptious steak tartare.

In a good mood: The Latina lovely certainly seemed in good spirits as she headed to the eatery

Happily: The stunning Latina appeared to be in high spirits as she headed towards the restaurant. As per an E! insider, Selena and Abel’s love has grown more mature as Selena has discovered what brings her happiness. Initially, their relationship was overshadowed by Abel’s previous romance with Gigi Hadid’s sister, Bella. However, after Bella and Abel parted ways in November, Abel was spotted with Selena just two months later. Interestingly, the exes crossed paths at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Paris where Bella walked the ramp in lingerie while Abel performed live.

Contrast in styles: The singer, real nameĀ Abel Tesfaye, was wearing a much warmer outfit

Fashion Distinction: Abel Tesfaye, also known as the artist The Weeknd, opted for a comfortable and snug wardrobe choice.

Drawing the eye: Many would have found it impossible to ignore her immaculately made-up eyes as she plodded along

Drawing attention: It was almost impossible not to notice the impeccably decorated eyes of the woman walking with confidence.

Recently, there have been rumors circulating that The Weeknd’s previous girlfriend is unhappy about his new romantic relationship with Selena Gomez, despite the fact that the two women are not particularly close. Allegedly, she even reached out to him to caution him that the actress is manipulating him. In January, after pictures of Selena kissing The Weeknd emerged, Bella stopped following her on Instagram and posted a selfie where she was giving the finger to the camera. While Selena formerly had a long-lasting relationship with Justin Bieber that ended permanently three years prior.

Eating out: No doubt Abel could not wait to sit down and tuck into his meal

Eager with anticipation, Abel couldn’t wait to finally sit down and savor his meal at the restaurant.

Public display of affection: The couple shared a smooch at the Met Gala back in May

In May, at the Met Gala, the couple was caught sharing a public kiss as they expressed their love for each other.

Sizzling: She later posted a sultry snap on Snapchat as she hugged her beauĀ 

Sizzling: Later on, she posted a steamy photo on Snapchat where she was seen cuddling up with her significant other.

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