“Unveiling Jennifer Lawrence’s Covert Presence in the L.A. Podcast Scene”

JLaw holding a bird

Recently, Jennifer Lawrence has been a topic of conversation involving her being relatable as a celebrity. However, it appears that she shares common ground with the rest of us, as she expressed shock regarding the recent high-profile breakup and quick rebound of an A-list couple.

While appearing on The Bitch Bible podcast as a secret guest, Jennifer Lawrence was shocked by the recent news of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez getting back together. In the midst of Jackie Schimmel’s sentence, Lawrence interrupted her to announce the “breaking, breaking, breaking, breaking FUCking news,” and revealed that the couple was currently on vacation in Montana. Despite being a fan of reality TV shows like The Bachelor and The Real Housewives, Lawrence’s appearance on the podcast raised questions about how she became friends with the host.

Last autumn, Jennifer Lawrence made a guest appearance on the podcast Absolutely Not with Heather McMahan. It was revealed that Lawrence was a big fan of the show and struck up a friendship with the host. Recently, she appeared with McMahan on Schimmel’s podcast, but the guest spot was kept a secret in a playful way. In the official episode title, she was identified as “Jennifer Aniston,” however, during the actual episode, she was introduced as “field producer Jennifer Garner.” This joke was made before the host found out about the Bennifer news.

The actress who won the Oscar has been staying out of the public eye for a while now. It has been a few years since she last appeared in a movie, although she is going to star in a new film with Leonardo DiCaprio and Timothée Chalamet that is going to be released later this year. It seems like she has been occupying her free time by listening to podcasts and establishing friendly relationships with their hosts. However, there shouldn’t be any surprise that Lawrence can quickly move from being a fan to becoming friends with people. In the past, she has openly expressed her admiration for Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which put her in a position to become friends with the show’s stars, leading to her appearance on an episode in 2019.

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